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My Ideal Entrepreneur Morning Routine

A morning routine for productiveness and success is so important for entrepreneurs and content creators. Without a proper routine, it could leave you feeling unmotivated, lazy, and ultimately not in the right headspace. I’ve done a few morning routine-type of posts before, so it’s no secret how important they are in my life.

Currently, I’m trying to work on creating my “perfect” morning routine that will have me ready to conquer the day. I’m not there yet, but I do have an idea of what my ideal entrepreneur morning routine would look like, and you can check it out below! I’ve also added times just to give an idea of how long I would like for it to be as well!

Wake up early


Of course, the very first thing I have to do is wake up! In my ideal entrepreneur morning routine, I wake up around 6:00 AM. I would also like to feel refreshed instead of like a zombie when waking up, which is the total opposite of how I feel currently in the mornings at this moment in time.



Next up, I would like to do a quick meditation that would take around 15minutes at most. Meditation for me probably wouldn’t mean to sit down in silence in my thoughts as it does for a lot of people. I still want to make sure that I remain realistic and true to who I am as well in this ideal morning routine. Thanks to someone I follow on Instagram, I have already found a different and great way to meditate through a podcast on Spotify. I haven’t listened to it much, but tapping into my ideal routine, I would listen to it faithfully every single morning.

Work out


After a nice meditation session, I would go straight into workout mode. It’s important as an entrepreneur to not only keep your mind moving but also your body. This especially applies if you are often spending your time sitting down doing a lot of computer work for your business. I wish I could say that I at least have this one down, but sadly, I do not. It’s becoming so hard to even want to work out when I have that zombie feeling that I mentioned earlier. As I slowly but surely tap into my entrepreneur routine, I will begin to incorporate workouts. Again, remaining true to who I am, I wanted to set the time for just 30minutes because I’m not one who likes to do long workouts. The longest I’ve ever done is 45minutes and sometimes up to an hour if I’m at the gym.

Cook and eat a nice breakfast


After working out, you have to fuel your body from the workout and get those nutrients in! I already love a good breakfast and it’s impossible for me to start my day without it. Something that I would do differently in my ideal routine is changing up how I use my time when I’m eating my food. I’m often on my phone while I’m eating breakfast and that would change. Instead, I wouldn’t go on my phone until my morning routine is done and I would maybe play music or a podcast while I’m eating breakfast…depending on what I’m feeling.

Practice mindfulness


This is one that I also practice already and would continue to practice in my ideal entrepreneur morning routine. Practicing mindfulness for me means spending time with God by doing my bible study, working in my girl boss journal, and ending it by planning out the day. It normally takes about 40minutes total for me to do all of this, so I just stuck with that time frame for my ideal morning routine as well. I believe it’s important for everyone, entrepreneur or not, to take a moment and practice mindfulness. Whether it be just writing a few things you’re grateful for and going about your business or doing all that I do…it can really help get you in the right mindset and focus for the day.

Shower and get ready


We’re finally in the home stretch of my morning routine! After practicing mindfulness, it’s time to hit the showers and get dressed for the day. Now, the time it takes me to shower and get ready does change depending on how I’m feeling. Some days I may feel like taking a longer shower or some days I may not feel like doing too much just to work at home. Because I don’t put on makeup too often these days, realistically the average it would take to get ready would total to around 45minutes. I will say, though, that my ideal routine would include me getting dressed for success every day. That doesn’t mean that I’ll always be corporate office ready, but it does mean that I will look pretty decent if I have to suddenly leave my house. I also think dressing for success helps to put you in that entrepreneur mindset. I probably just made this up, but this saying hits my mind instantly and it’s “dress like a boss, work like a boss”.

Head to the office


I don’t have an office space in an actual building and I’m not sure if I would ever purchase one in a building when I can just have a room in my house for an office. Currently, my office is a little room that I share spaces with my grandmother until I move into my own apartment. The time between 8:40 and 9:00 could either be used to finish getting ready, to do anything extra I forgot to do, or I could just head into my office a little bit early. The star of the show is truly the time that I make it into my office! I’m not even going to say how late I end up getting in there currently, but my ideal routine would have me in the office and ready to work around 9 AM. The earlier you get started, the earlier you can finish!

This morning routine sounds so perfect, even as I type it! Of course, the times were just a guesstimate and a lot of these things would vary. The main point of this ideal entrepreneur morning routine is to plan a morning routine for productiveness that I will work towards and I’m in love with everything listed!

Do you have an ideal entrepreneur morning routine? What would you add to your list?


  1. That sounds outstanding!
    When I wake up at 6PM I feel like a zombie, but I also work until 10PM.
    I like to sit around and drink coffee. I think to meditate and work out in the morning would be awesome though.

    • Coffee is a must for me for sure. Adding meditation and working out really can help kickstart the day, especially when you get that feeling of accomplishment after working out!

  2. Such a good topic (it’s funny you chose this topic I have one coming up on it as well I’m not done with from my September backlog!:D) !!! I love my morning routine and feel totally ‘off’ when I don’t do it. Yoga and meditation are now a super important part of my morning since I started doing them maybe 5 or 6 years ago when I was in a really bad spot and I knew I had to start doing something different. Great article!!

    • Great minds definitely think alike! So glad to hear that you were able to figure out what needed to be done to change things. I’m excited for when I get to the point of having this routine down! Thank you for reading and commenting ♥

  3. I would love to have this morning routine.

    I used to exercise in a morning & make a great breakfast, but then got into the habit of rushing around.

    I am currently starting the day off right, with a shower, I also get dressed for success. For me it doesn’t mean office attire, but a day outfit that is comfortable.

    Maybe one day I will do everything on this list 🙂

    • I’m always on and off when it comes to working out in the morning. I’m hoping to get on and stay on for once lol. A nice shower is a must for me in the morning. It just feels so good and helps start the day off right! You definitely don’t have to wear office attire…I love a pair of cute loungewear also! You’ll definitely get there one day if that’s what you’d like to do! Thank you for reading and commenting ♥

  4. i commend you for being such a morning person. i need to get on this & make a habit of setting my alarm earlier. i would get so much more done thanks for sharing your routine! it’s very motivating and inspiring.

    • Well, this is my ideal routine, but I’m working towards it! I will say though that I’ve always been a morning person. I never could sleep past 10 lol. We’ll both get there eventually…just have to keep working on it! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  5. I wish I had a better morning routine too! Honestly I am just not a morning person, but I wish I was. It would be so nice to wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day!

    • I’ve always been a morning person, so that’s helped as I’ve gotten into my adulthood. The problem is waking up and not lounging around before and after breakfast lol. It’s fine if you’re not a morning person! Not everyone’s routine has to look the same. Just do what works best for you ♥

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