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My First Reaction To The Harry Potter Movie Series

I know half the world might shame me when I say this, but before a few weeks to a month ago, I’ve never seen anything dealing with Harry Potter besides the memes and posts people put on the internet. It just wasn’t something that was in my interest so I never had the motive to read the books or watch the movies. Well, about a month ago there was a marathon of the HP movies on TV so I dedicated myself to finally giving them a try. Want to see my opinion on them? Do you think I’m now a Harry Potter fan? Keep reading to find out.


First off, I’d like to say that these movies are so long! I’m not too surprised seeing how thick the books are, but I was dedicated to watching each one because I knew I wasn’t going to watch them on my own outside of the marathon. With that being said, I did have moments where I was about to zone out because they are so long and I watched every single movie almost back to back (they played sporadically throughout the weekend).

When I first started watching, I was sure I’d just be ready to stop and I wasn’t going to even finish the first movie. As the movies went on, I did see myself getting more into them. I was even texting my friend about some moments going “No, why did this have to happen!?” or “Did he really have to die??”. The closer I was to the end of the series, the more tired I became but also the more dedicated to see how it was going to end.


So am I a Potterhead now (or whatever HP fans calls themselves)? Sadly no. I did enjoy the movies, but I don’t see myself watching them anymore outside of this one time. I’m not going to try to find out what house I belong to or start quoting anything from the movies. Do I think the movies are good? Yes. Am I a major Potter fan now? No

Do you like Harry Potter or is it not your style? Let me know!

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