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My Final Thoughts On Breast Cancer.

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for my last Breast Cancer Awareness post. Before I begin, I know I’ve usually posted these on Fridays but because the last day of the month is Halloween, I decided to do this today. I decided to just overall talk about breast cancer and say my final thoughts.

On Twitter, I originally took a poll where I said I’d do a poem, but I couldn’t think of anything (literally brain dead at this point) so I thought this was better. I’ve mentioned how I personally haven’t battled with breast cancer or how I haven’t had a friend or family member battle with it either. Although I haven’t, I know there are people out there who have. I’ve even had some people comment on my posts about this as well.

To the ones who have friends or family members who are currently battling breast cancer or who have lost their lives to breast cancer, be a light to those people. They’re dealing with so much already that they just need a light. They need laughter. They need prayer. Some people may have lost hope and they need that. Be by their side. And if you’ve lost someone to breast cancer, I hope you were that light to them. I hope you were able to be with them during their last few days. And I hope that you remember the good times you had with them and not just that they were suffering.

To the ones who are currently battling breast cancer and to my survivors, you are strong but it’s ok to break down. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to wonder what’s going to happen next. It’s ok to have doubts, but also try and keep hope. Know that there are people by your side and a higher power looking out for you. Whether you have kicked cancer’s ass or on your journey to kicking cancer’s ass, you’re still a boss regardless. If you never felt like it before, I’m telling you now. Your cancer doesn’t define you. It never did and it never will. You are more than what you’ve been through.

This may be the end of breast cancer awareness month, but remember that people fighting with breast cancer don’t get to stop fighting when the month is over. They have to keep fighting and we have to continue to be by their side.


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