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My Favorite Met Gala 2019 Looks

In honor of the Met Gala just passing, I decided that I’d make a post showing my favorite looks of the night. The theme this year was “Camp: Notes On Fashion”. For those who are just as confused as I was, here’s a definition for the term “camp” in the fashion sense.

Camp /noun/: deliberately exaggerated and theatrical behavior or style. (google)

Now that we know the definition, let’s get into some of my favorite looks!


Jared Leto. I would say hats off to this look, but I think “heads off” is a bit more fitting!


Ezra Miller. He had multiple eyes on the met gala.


Janelle Monae. Speaking of eyes, be careful staring at Janelle’s boobs because they’ll stare back at you.


Lily Collins. Rocking a Priscilla Presley look and the world was here for it!


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Her look is honestly everything to me and I’m here for it!


 Zendaya. A dream is a wish your heart makes and I think Zendaya just made all of our dreams come true by showing up in this amazing Cinderella look.


Lupita Nyong’o. She looks like she’s from a magical world that I want to be a part of!


Lady Gaga. She did not only 1 but FOUR looks! Now that’s true dedication.


Cardi B. She proved she can make anything poppin…including grandmas quilt. OKURR!


Nicki Minaj. She came in her true barbie form! I would love to take that dress off her hands when she’s done with it!

Those are some of my favorite looks! What was your favorite Met Gala look? Comment and let me know!


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