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My Experience With A Content Manager

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So, you can tell by the title that today I’ll be talking about my first ever experience with a content manager. I’ve never had a content manager before, so it was interesting to give a try, especially with how picky I am with my content on my social media. I have only had a month of experience, so I can only discuss this first month. If you’re interested in seeing how my experience was, then keep reading!

How it happened.

Before I get into my experience, I figured I’d talk about how I even came to the conclusion of trying out a content manager in the first place. Well, I’ve been in this 30-day marketing/business developing bootcamp. One of the things we learned was bartering. If you don’t know what bartering is, it’s essentially the trading of services. This is where I met Barissa. Barissa and I decided that she would create a content calendar for my Instagram, and in return, I would give a review on her service. With that being said, my review will always be honest and I’ll let you guys know my real experience.

My experience.

Like I said earlier, I’m very picky, so I was a little iffy about it for sure. My business/brand accounts are my babies so of course I’m going to like certain things a certain way. The experience started at the beginning of this month (May 1st). Barissa sent me the content calendar she created and also some story templets, which I thought was pretty cool that she designed them herself. You can look below to see what the templets looked like. I will say that on my part, I could’ve done a better job of keeping up with the calendar. Some days I missed and played catch up, but overall I stayed on track. Basically, how the calendar went was that some days I had to post a picture with a certain caption, other days I just had to post to my stories, and then there were days where I didn’t have to post at all. There was one post with a caption that was really favored by my followers and me as well! One thing I will say is that I do wish she did just a little bit more research on what kind of content I post, but overall, the experience has been fun, and she’s a great person to work with if you need help with content yourself.

Let’s review.

Let’s look at the pro’s and cons of using a social media manager.


  • saves you time
  • great for when you’re not able to think of your own posts
  • makes sure you’re consistent, which will more followers to your page


  • not necessary if you’re good with keeping up with your own content
  • can be an unpleasant experience if you end up with someone who doesn’t do research on what you like.

If you’d like to check out Barissa, you can follow her on Instagram as well as check out her blog.

Have you ever thought about getting a social media manager? Have you had one before? If so, I’d love to know about your experience!


  1. It is great that you got to have a months worth of experience with a content manager! It is so cool that your content manager created these templates! I agree with you, if you can keep track of everything and you’re not crunched on time, you don’t need one. If you became a huge brand, it is something worth looking into. It’s another expense – if the social media manager uses social media where it brings you revenue, I am all for it! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    • I agree! If they’re helping me bring in revenue, then they’re definitely worth it. I can tell that I’d need someone to manage my socials in the future though because it’s a lot to be consistent on so many apps lol. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  2. Oo never even considered a content manager but reading this post I might! I love the templates they are so good and way better than I would ever be able to make! Going to check Barissa out! Ox

    • Tell her I sent you! I definitely would need someone to handle my socials in the future because it’s a lot of work right now doing it myself lol. Thans for reading and commenting ♥

  3. Oh this is such a good review. I have never worked with a content manager before either so I was wondering how that was. Thanks for sharing your experience

    • If you struggle a bit with coming up with content for your social media and posting often, then I definitely recommend it! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience with a content manager. I reached out to one last year but decided to not go forward with it. There sales tactic wasn’t the best. That’s so cool they created those templates for you.

    • It’s definitely important to find the right person if you do decide to go with one. I’m happy you decide to do what’s best for you and didn’t go forward. And yes these templates are so cute! I’m grateful for the experience. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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