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My Daily Working From Home Routine 2022

Ever since the pandemic started and I decided not to return to my old job, I’ve been working from home as a content creator trying to make it full time. Along with myself, there are plenty of other content creators who fully work for themselves as well as those who work for a company but have the luxury to work from home. Those who don’t usually work from home were even able to have a little taste as everything shut down for a little while.

When you’re consistently working from home on a daily basis, it’s important to have a routine. Being someone that can make my own schedule, it’s easy for outsiders looking in to think that I can just do what I want…and I can…but without staying on a routine, I can easily drop the ball on my work (and I have a lot of work to do daily).

With that being said, I want to show what my daily working from home routine looks like. Of course, not every day goes like this, but it’s just a little glimpse into what most of my days tend to look like!

Wake up (6:40 AM-7:30 AM)

I’ve been trying for a long time to start waking up around 6 AM, but I have yet to achieve that goal (mostly because I sleep late). The timeframe is so wide because I currently set my alarm for 6:40 AM, but I officially get up somewhere around this timeframe. Every day is different, but I’ll continue to set my alarm for that time until I succeed without falling back asleep, and then I’ll set it for earlier and so forth until I’m waking up at 6 AM on the dot.

Breakfast And Social Media (7:40 AM-8:30 AM)

Breakfast is my favorite meal and time of the day. I LOVE breakfast foods and eating a good meal to start my day off right, so I make sure to take the time and make a good meal. I also love to take the time and enjoy my food and coffee. I’m often still very tired in the morning which causes me to lounge around and sometimes 8:30 turns into 9:00, but I do my best to stay on track. This is also the time when my morning Twitter and Facebook post goes out. I try to have them pre-scheduled, but lately, I’ve been too lazy so I write something quick and will have them sent out automatically or scheduled depending on what time of the morning it is. I also do my daily coffee stories on my Instagram and sometimes put up a daily to-do list on my stories as well.

Mindfulness Moment (8:30 AM-9:15 AM)

I’ve mentioned this before in a morning routine post that I do something I called mindful moments. After breakfast, I like to go into my office (the only place to sometimes get quiet) and do my daily Bible study, write in my planner, and water my plants if needed. The time it takes depends on how much I have to read or if it’s a plant watering day, but the average day is about 20-30 minutes. I’m not the best at keeping this part up daily, but I try.

Get Ready (9:15 AM-11 AM)

I like to be honest, as always, and honestly, it takes me a little bit sometimes to get ready. You would think that I’m putting on makeup or something, but no. Again, I’m often tired from not enough sleep, so I tend to do a lot of lounging in between my day…mostly in the morning. Realistically, if I’m tired then I’ll usually lounge around before my shower and after. If I’m lounging beforehand, I’m also answering comments from the morning posts that were made earlier.

Work Time (11 AM-1 PM)

On a good day, I’m able to get into my little at-home office space around 11 AM and begin to get some work done. This doesn’t always happen right away because…you guessed it…I’m tired! Sometimes the only thing I’m able to do is to check my emails and look at comments on my social media. The other half of the time is just me sitting and scrolling through Twitter or playing music and singing trying to wake myself up. This is the downfall of working from home because you can lounge around all day if you please, but you don’t get much accomplished.

Lunch (1 PM-2 PM)

Just as it’s important to take a lunch break during a long work day in the office at your job, it’s important to give yourself a lunch break at home also. My lunch break starts around 1 PM and I give myself an hour. If you’ve been paying attention, then you know what’s coming next. Can you guess what that is? If it’s that I’m going to say how I lounge around sometimes and end up with a slightly longer lunch break…you were correct! I’m also even more tired than before around this time so I like to grab my second cup of coffee. Though caffeine actually has no real effect on me, it’s almost like a placebo and just gives me a kick with how productive I feel when drinking a cup.

Work Time Part 2 (2 PM-8 PM)

Once I’ve had my lunch and made my second cup of coffee, it’s time to get back to work! I’m usually in my office until about 8 PM. Sometimes I may go beyond that timeframe if I’m working diligently on something, but I do my best to get out around that time or a little bit before. In between that time I’m working on whatever it is that I have to do…which is typically a lot. If it’s one of those days, I’ll even make myself a third cup of coffee. Sometimes I’m not even doing work because I just can’t focus, which is very frustrating considering all that I could be/need to be doing.

Dinner And Chill (8 PM-Bedtime)

Finally, it’s time to relax and eat dinner. Again, this is based on a good day. The times often vary…I may end up eating dinner earlier or it’s almost 11 PM before I’m making a meal. I try my best to keep my work in my office, but if it’s a bad concentrating day, I’ll finish a blog post or whatever else it is that I need to have done before the next day. As I’ve said, I don’t often go to sleep at a good time so my bedtime varies, but this is the time when I try to cut off the social part of social media and I just scroll on my personal accounts or look at TikTok videos. One thing I want to get better at is not going on social media before bed, but it will take some practice before I’m there. Lastly, I fall into dreamland and do it again the next day!

As I’ve said throughout this post, no day is the same, but this is the gist of my daily work day routine. I don’t even make it into my office until 1 PM on some days. It all depends, but this routine was based on a typical good day! Having a routine for yourself is important. As you can see, without some form of structure you could end up lounging around on social media before you realize how much time has slipped by.

If you work from home or even if you simply want to manage your days a little better, make a routine that fits your personal needs. I prefer to get work done earlier in the day whereas someone else might prefer to sleep during the day and work at night. It all depends on you and how you best function.

Do you have a daily work from home routine? If so, what’s a must-have part of your day?


  1. Thank you for sharing your Work Day in the Life with me. I’m curious to know when you find time for mundane things like chores and errands?

    I spend a lot of time on my phone despite not being on social media that much. Even then, I find myself spending hours doing chores on my days off and it’s hard to find balance. It’s also quite challenging for me to put my phone away and turn off the phone/computer/TV. I feel like we are often “plugged in” all the time and that alone can be so challenging. I like that you’re mindful about turning off your computer/social media at the same time every night! It’s easy to get caught up in the endless streams of information.

    • Any tidying up that’s needed, I just do whenever but my cleaning days are on Thursdays and I do that first after breakfast. Errands I typically plan like when I’m going grocery shopping and I get that done in the morning/afternoon too before starting work. It’s definitely a struggle to get off of social media. I promise you I don’t turn off my computer and social media at the same time lol. I wish, but in the paragraph talking about dinner and chill, I mentioned finished work outside of my office space if needed and scrolling through social media still just not on my business accounts. I’m absolutely still on social media until I fall asleep with my phone in my hand lol. It’s bad and something I need to work on 😅

      • Yes, I did read that paragraph. I guess what I am trying to say is that it can be so hard to shut off our phones/computer/tv and task-switch. It’s good that you found a schedule that works for you. It’s so hard to turn off social media though… I feel like we are constantly plugged in!

        • Oh so true! That’s one of the reasons why I’m always up late. I almost get this feeling of FOMO and I don’t want to miss any action going on online lol. It’s so bad but I can’t help it 😭

          • I feel like that might be the reason why a lot of people are stuck to their phones at night. If we all just went to bed then there would be nothing to miss lol

          • “If we all just went to bed then there would be nothing to miss.” -Deandra

            This! This right here! 🙌 Seriously, this should be a tweet or a quote lol Very wise words!!

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