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My Business Christmas List: Blogmas Day 7

The holidays are often a busy time for many, but they’re especially busy for businesses. Even more so, they’re even busier for small businesses where there’s only one to two people handling orders. Let’s also remember content creators in general who have a ton of creating to do for brand deals, blogmas, vlogmas, and more!

With orders being fulfilled and content being made, there’s so much being provided to others during the season. This brings the question for those who get to enjoy the work that’s being put in and brought out…has anyone ever thought about what someone with a business would like for Christmas? Having a business and constantly trying to elevate is a lot of work, which means there’s always something that needs to be bought, replaced, upgraded, etc.

With that being said, I decided to create my own little business Christmas list! Some things can easily be bought on Amazon, some are a little bit more complicated to get, and some…well…they’re possibly needed just to get through the hard parts of entrepreneurship. This is just a little fun list of things that I need, whether that be in this current moment or sometime in the future!

  1. Paid subscription bill(s)
  2. Storage shelves/containers
  3. Wine (if you know, you know)
  4. Soundproof podcast equipment
  5. Dslr Camera
  6. Bigger office space
  7. An assistant (SOS)
  8. Books on money management

I hope this post gave a fun little look into what’s needed/ wanted as a blogger and content creator, but I also hope that it served as reminder. Small business owners and content creators put in so much work and sometimes aren’t given the credit that’s deserved or even have rude comments because it takes a little while to fulfill orders. Keep in mind that we’re doing the best we can and, if possible, spread a little cheer by tipping them if you see they have an option for you to do so.

What would you have on your business Christmas list?


  1. I’m excited for next year and what’s to come, and that includes my new business PlantsByShe and podcast SIP with Soida
    So yess i do have a business Christmas list
    – Garden shovel
    – Paints
    – Year planner
    – Microphone for podcast guests
    – Wine ( I knoow)
    And $$$ claimed it !

    • Yes girl we’re definitely claiming that money! We might need to gift each other some wine at this point lol 😂. Love the list and thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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