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My Blogger Must-Haves

Every blogger has their own must-haves for blogging and today I decided to share with you just a few of my must-haves that I need when I’m making my blog posts.

1. Laptop. Well..duh! It goes without saying that a computer of some kind is, of course, a very important necessity when blogging. I have an HP that is my pride and joy that I keep EVERYTHING on.

2. Canva. Canva or some type of editing app is definitely important for me. I love to use Canva mostly to create the little banners you see for my blog posts. I also have tons of editing apps I use for my pictures.

3.  Blog Banner. Like I said, I use Canva to make a banner for my blog posts. In my opinion, A banner helps provide visuals, which in turn draws people in to want to read your posts.

4. Music. Music may seem like something that’s not a necessity, but to me, it’s a must-have that keeps me going. I’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts that I love to listen to instrumentals when blogging. If you’d like some music suggestions for when you blog, check out this blog post where I provided playlists to help you focus.

5. Coffee. This should’ve been number one because the first thing I do is make me a fresh cup of coffee. Coffee just makes me feel productive and is so aesthetically pleasing to me.

 What are your blogger must-haves?


  1. You’ve pretty much summed up my blogging life too ❤️ coffee + laptop + Spotify + Canva. That’s where it’s at! Thanks for sharing 😁

  2. You’ve summed up my list too except my laptop is a MacBook which I absolutely love, my sofa that I lie down to do my writing on, and Pixelmator which is the app I use for my banners and images.

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