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My Biggest Fears As An Adult

Imagine being a child just praying and praying to grow up quick so you can be an adult and do whatever you wanted too. Did you think of yourself? A lot of times I hear “I can’t believe I used to want to be an adult” or “Why did I ever want to grow up?” Sadly, growing up is inevitable so it was going to happen whether or not we wanted it too. The craziest thing to me is that there’s not one manual on how to properly adult. There are different ways to do different things and a lot of it is just winging it and hoping for the best (or praying the IRS doesn’t come after you if you know what I mean). With the inevitable being in place, some fears may come about being an adult. Maybe you think you won’t get a good job or never learn how to do your taxes properly. Whatever it is, I’d like to believe that most of us have some fears or maybe had and you’ve gotten over them. I know as I got older I started having fears and I still do. I may be 23, but I feel far from a real adult yet and there are many worries about the future ahead.

One fear I used to have in high school is that I would be completely broke and living outside in a box. This isn’t saying anything about anyone in that predicament, but I know if they had a choice they wouldn’t choose that lifestyle, and I didn’t want it either. It was just the way things seemed to be going for me as I got older, I just eventually had it in my mind that I wasn’t going to make it anywhere. It sucks that was in my mind in high school. I won’t lie, that’s still a thought. It’s just scary out here in this world. Even someone well off could one day become broke. All it takes is one thing to happen. It’s so expensive to live in America and if you don’t have one solid well paying job, then a lot of times you need two…maybe even three jobs just to suffice. My fear isn’t impractical, but I hope that as I get more into adulthood, I’m able to learn how to save and budget and make sure I’m good. Even well enough to make sure I can help my family as well.

This leads me to another fear. Learning how to handle the numbers. I’m terrible at math and just to know I’ll have to do taxes and all of that “exciting” stuff is troubling. I know that even some of the most adultiest adults have someone do it for them, so I’m hoping I can do the same if I never fully get the hang of it. I hate that all of that is necessary, but it comes with the adulting territory (that I didn’t ask for I might add).

Anyone else fears that they’ll have worked and not be or feel accomplished once they get of age? That would be me. I’m so fearful that I’ll work my ass off slaving just to make it that when it’s time to retire, I’ll look back and wonder what have I really done? That’s why I’m going to not only work hard starting off making money in the regular job world but work just as hard to do all I can to dive into my newfound dream of having my own business. That way I can look back and see my accomplishments and feel proud and fulfilled.

I have many more fears, but the final main one I have is just doing it all alone. I’m going to always have questions about something no matter how old I get. I’m so grateful to still have my mom around to ask her for everything. Not everyone has that going into their 20’s. But, I know that it won’t always be the case as I get older and older (tries not to cry at the thought). So, I just want to learn as much as I possibly can and gain as much knowledge because doing this adulting thing on your own can be scary.

We all have our fears, and so the most we can do it just work through them and be there for each other because we all have to get through this thing called adulting.

Do you have any fears as an adult? Share them in the comments!

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