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My 2021 Summer Bucket List

The sun is out and now so are vaccines, restrictions, and the tons of people who are ready to make up for a summer missed last year. I am not sure about you guys, but I definitely have a little pandemic anxiety and I’m still in my house the majority of the time. Though the anxiety is very real and so is the situation that kept us all into the house a year ago, things are getting a little better and I would like to try and make a little something out of my summer this year (but still proceeding with caution).

There’s a lot on my mind that I would love to do and experience, whether I’ve done it before and miss it or it’s completely new to me. What better way to keep track of my summer goals than to write them down on a bucket list!? Check out my summer 2021 bucket list below that I hope to check off and fulfill!

  1. Try a new shaved ice flavor
  2. Have a water gun fight
  3. Go to a water park
  4. Purchase a new swimsuit
  5. Have a BBQ
  6. Go to a legit beach (for the first time)
  7. Eat a bunch of watermelon
  8. Road trip with friends
  9. Go night swimming
  10. Have a Juneteenth celebration
  11. Go down a slip n slide
  12. Have a root beer float
  13. Early morning workouts outside
  14. Make new memories with friends
  15. Get rid of my Covid anxiety
  16. Eat somewhere new
  17. Practice roller skating again
  18. Go to a Drive-in movie
  19. Listen to a summer playlist
  20. Go on a mini shopping spree

As we’re entering summer, I’m excited to check these things off and hopefully make up for a summer missed last year. It’s time to step out of the house and into the sun!

What’s on your summer bucket list? Share it down below in the comments!


  1. Great list. Sadly, where I live we are still under a lot of restrictions and many of the items on your list are things we can’t do yet. Hopefully by the end of summer.


    • Honestly my city has barely had a quarantine or lockdown and I don’t approve at all. I’m going to slowly try to get out more, but I’ll mostly be inside still also. I hope your city lifts some of the restrictions soon!

  2. Sounds like a great summer! I wouldn’t worry too much about getting rid of Covid anxiety either though. I don’t think we’re even halfway vaccinated

    • Hopefully. I’m sure I’ll mostly be in my house, but maybe I’ll be able to get some of these things checked off. When I say Covid anxiety, I mostly mean enough to not get so paranoid that I isolate myself from hanging with my friends at their houses and such when invited. I’m good with staying away from the public lol

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