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Motivational Monday: Let’s Get Real

Hey loves! It’s motivational Monday once again, but today we’re getting real. I’m going to speak about the truth of motivation in hopes that you guys can relate to it as well as feel hopeful if you’re struggling yourself with feeling motivated. I did a similar post to this titled Being Motivationless In A World Of Motivation. I highly suggest reading that post as well!

Ok, so from the human eye, I seem pretty motivated and like I just work hard as hell 24/7 no breaks! I do work hard, trust me, I have the seat marks sometimes to prove how long I’ve been sitting in my office chair in my little office space. However, as honored as I am that people see me and think I just stay motivated, I sometimes get annoyed because it’s not true. Sounds crazy right?? Why would I get annoyed at someone admiring how motivated I am?

It’s not that I don’t like someone being admired. It’s not even that I’m really annoyed…because I’m not truly annoyed. I have friends say “I need to be like you.” or “How do you stay so motivated?” When I hear this, It makes me sad, but also makes me realize that they, and other people, don’t see the struggle behind the scenes so it’s hard to see being in that spot. I’m there right with them. While I’m being admired, I’m admiring other people at the same time. Motivation is equal to Instagram. When I say that, I mean that you see this layer, but you don’t see beyond it. It’s important to remember that developing motivation isn’t a linear process. Here are a few steps how the motivational process could go:

  1. unmotivated
  2. you find something that brings a little light
  3. you slowly work towards that
  4. now you’re in it and you’re motivated to keep going
  5. suddenly you haven’t touched that project in a few days
  6. you still love the thing that motivated you, but you’re just not in it
  7. you realize you need to do SOMETHING
  8. You start to work on it again
  9. You”re still not feeling too motivated, but you’re in a groove of things
  10. Still unmotivated, but you don’t want to stop so you keep going despite it not being your full potential

It’s important to remember that developing motivation isn’t a linear process

The list could go on depending on the person. I know for me personally, I look like I’m just so motivated, which has friends asking me “Deandra, how do you stay motivated?” Well, I don’t, but here’s my secret for how I look like I’m just motivated to my core:

1. I’m always motivating other people

I hate seeing that people are feeling unmotivated so I always have a motivational speech on hand! It’s actually easier to uplift someone else and bring them motivation than it is to provide yourself with that same motivation

2. I keep going

Sometimes, especially lately, I have not necessarily felt motivated. I get things done, but I feel like I’m not doing anything. Am I alone? Regardless, I keep going. I just think about how I can’t just stop everything. Imagine I just don’t post for a week or even longer? I’ve done it before, with warning, and I was just itching to get back to it. For me, I don’t give myself a choice to just suddenly halt my work(unless I have no choice) no matter how unmotivated I’m feeling at the time. To others, this comes off as me being motivated, but really I’m just not giving myself a choice.

3. It’s all in my words

I always say things like “I can’t stop”, “I have to get it done”, etc. Sounds like I’m pretty motivated right? It all goes back around to not letting myself just suddenly stop. It could be 1AM, if I don’t have tomorrow’s post ready to go up, then I HAVE to get it done. Sometimes that may look like me choosing the easiest post to do aka diary entries or thanking God that tomorrow is the 1st of the month, because then I can do a simple monthly update.

It’s so easy to write steps on how to feel motivated for others to read and all these other motivational posts, but what about getting real? Readers can take steps I give them, but they could think something is wrong because they did each step but they don’t feel ready to charge forward with super motivated speed! Let me tell you one more thing…the key is to find what motivates you. You’ll be going through a motivationless rollercoaster until you find that thing. Guess what else. Even when you do find it, you’ll STILLpossibly be going through it, but the difference is that it’ll always stay on your mind and you’ll always want to try to come back to it.

The key is to find what motivates you.

We are at the end! I know this post was super long, but I hope you stuck with me and if you did, then I hope I was able to bring hope and motivation through my realness. Also, if you read this ENTIRE post and you’re not subscribed, then I would be so grateful if you did!

Was this post helpful to you? Let me know your thoughts. I love to chat with you guys!


  1. I loved this! I hate seeing other people unmotivated too, and when I try to inspire them, I feel like I also motivate myself. I think it’s also so important to keep going, and I try to be as persistent as I can even when I’m unmotivated. Thanks for sharing this!

    • That’s awesome to hear! It’s so important to just keep going. Don’t exhaust yourself, but don’t let yourself slack off either. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

    • No problem at all! It’s so easy to down yourself, but you have to show yourself kindness as you’d show a friend or family member. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  2. I love all of the ways to keep yourself motivated. There may be times that it is challenging but keep pushing through! I like the mantras that you say to yourself! Keep it up!

    Nancy ♥

    • Thank you! The mantras really help to keep me pushing! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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