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Mini Skincare Routine 2019

I haven’t done a beauty related post in a while, but I’m back with a skincare routine for you guys! So, I’m honestly terrible at skincare, I will not lie. I don’t do much and I don’t do it as often as I should (yes, I know that’s terrible) but when I’m not being lazy, there are a few things that I like to incorporate when doing my skincare…hence the term mini routine.

If I haven’t worn makeup that day then I get right into washing my face, but if I did wear makeup, then I just use makeup wipes (usually Neutrogena) to get the makeup off and sometimes afterward I go in with micellar water as well.

Once I’ve gotten most of the makeup off or if I didn’t wear makeup, then I start with washing my face. I use a spin brush and raw African black soap. The spin brush you see is the one I purchased from Amazon by the brand Fancii. It wasn’t too expensive (I’m a fan of cheap products) and does the job.
african black soapspin brush

Benefits of using raw African black soap:

○good for sensitive skin

○helps heal eczema

○reduces blemishes and dark spots

○minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

After I wash my face, I typically would go straight to African shea butter, but recently I decided to try something new. There is a company called Swan Star who has a line of products and they sent me a few to try out and give an honest review. They sent me their retinol serum, vitamin c serum, and their collagen eye masks. I have not used these products long enough to give a full review, but I do have sensitive skin and so far I have not had any breakouts from these products. I will do another post with an update on how the products are working! A little information about their serums is that they both contain hyaluronic acid, which I will give benefits later.


Continuing on with the routine, after I wash my face, I will start by putting a few drops of the retinol serum on my face and let that absorb in my skin before I go in with the vitamin c serum. I then put a few drops of the vitamin c serum on my face and let that absorb as well. I don’t use the collagen eye masks every time, but when I do, I put them on under my eyes and let them sit for 15min. They feel good under my eyes and I love letting the collagen soak in. I will say though, these products can make your face feel a little dry, which is when I move to my final step.

Benefits of using Retinol, Hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin C:

○helps with skin tone

○helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

○helps give your skin a dewy feel

Finally, to moisturize, I go in with my raw African shea butter. This helps my skin get it’s moisture back and has many great benefits!

shea butter

Benefits of Raw African shea butter:

○moisturizes dry skin

○reduces skin inflammation

○restores elasticity of the skin

○treats acne and blemishes

That’s my mini skincare routine! Do you have a mini skincare routine? What are some products you’d recommend?


  1. It’s great see females take care of their skin. I pray you can dedicate yourself to doing it daily. Then night and day. I’d say be careful with the African soap on your face daily. You don’t ever want to strip all the oil out daily. Especially if you’re AA. Also the acid and RET can be dangerous too. Especially if you get your brows and lips waxed. Again too much stripping of oils. I have oily skin so I use a liquid moisturizer if I use one at all. But I love your post. I could on and on. Best wishes to you and your skin regiment. 🥰🥰🥰

  2. I tried an African Black soap mask once, it definitely did the job well but its very strong and made me red for a while. Would you say this is different?
    Great Post, Thank you for sharing!!

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