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Meet My Tillandsia’s

Raise your hand if you’re terrible at taking care of plants *raises both hands*. I am the absolute worst at taking care of flowers and plants, which is why I never get them. My grandparents are great at taking care of plants and flowers. My grandma loves flowers and both my grandparents have gardens. I, however, did not inherit a green thumb.

This is why I needed something easy to take care of. I’m in the very long process of decorating my little office space, and I knew I needed some greenery. Of course there are always fake plants (which I plan on having plenty of), but I wanted to try my hand at real ones(as I pray I don’t kill them as fast as I received them).

Say Hi To Tilly’s 1-4!

Tillandsia, commonly known as air plants, are the easiest plants to take care of that I’ve seen thus far. They don’t have to be in any dirt or soil(hence the name “air plants”) and only require a few spritzes of water a few days a week and feeding with their plant food once a month. It’s also advised that you trim any dead ends. Every time I tell someone about air plants, I’m surprised how so little people know about them. I figured they were common and I didn’t know about them because I have very little knowledge of plants. Now without further ado, let’s meet my Tillandsia’s!

I ordered four air plants: two mini’s and two small’s(pictured left). I already had plant holders up that was waiting for some plants to call them home. I got my plants from the WoodInspireShop on Etsy. They have many different varieties of Tillandsias as well as plant holders and fertilizer. The kind of Tillandsias I ordered is Tillandsia Xerographica. I just think they are so beautiful! I’ve never had a favorite plant before, but these have made my list. So far I’ve had them for about two weeks and they’re still alive and even growing a little bit!

So, I decided to name my new plant babies Tilly! Yes, they’re all named Tilly(I like simplicity okay). They’re Tilly 1, 2, 3, and 4. How do I know which is which? How can you tell which twin is which? By each of their different traits. I feel like I sound like a crazy plant mom already, but I swear I’m not too insane!

Plant Care

I stated the simple care instructions for them, but I wanted to go over how I care for them personally. I water them 3x a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sunday’s are the days I choose to look for any ends that need trimming, and I give them a little snip. I still need to buy fertilizer for them, but once I do, I’ll be fertilizing them once at the end of every month.

Well, those are my Tilly’s! Fingers crossed I keep up with them. If you’d like an update in a month or so, then let me know!

Have you ever heard of air plants? Do you have plants of your own in general? If you have any tips for me, then I’d love to hear them!


  1. I didn’t used to be good at caring for plants but I’ve learned slowly by asking people who know. Happy to report all of my houseplants are now doing great! I heard of airplants about a year or two ago. They are beautiful! Great post!

    • I’m not sure how I would do with plants that take more maintenance, but so far I’m doing pretty good with these. I haven’t seen all the different kinds of Tillandsia’s, but so far these are my absolute favorite kind! They really are so beautiful. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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