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May Life Update 2019

Guys, we’re halfway through the year like what the hell!? Anyone else suddenly feels like they need to get their life together and quickly? There’s just something about that halfway mark that just makes you go “wow, I really need to get my sh*t together.” Speaking of, it’s time for another life update!

Raise your hand if you love seeing how much I haven’t done yet again! Honestly, you guys are literally on a journey with me. Real-time action in me attempting to get my sh*t together. If you read April’s life update, then you know I kept the exact same goals for May that I had for April. If you forgot what those were then I’ll post them here:

april-may goals

Also if you remember, I said I was going to keep the same list until I get these things done, but also slowly add new goals. I’m trying something different instead of giving you guys new lists of goals every month when I haven’t even accomplished the previous list. I’m going to do this until I finally get in the habit of actually doing the stuff I say I want to do (and then maybe I even make a blog post to help some of you guys that are struggling with the same thing. So, did I actually accomplish anything on this list? Welll….I have made new blog post ideas and I’m definitely continuing on working for what I want. I even started on something new, which I’ll let you guys know about in due time, but I still have a lot more to work on.

Goals For June

This list will, again, include the same goals for May, but I have a few more goals to add so I’ll insert the list here:

♥work on saving money

♥work on being more positive

♥work on being healthier

♥continue to work for what I want

♥interact more on social media

♥read more blog posts and become more active in the blogging community

What are some of your goals for June? Comment and let me know!


  1. I have this same problem sometimes lol. When I’m super focused I’m on my shit but when it’s not there its just not there sis. Kudos to you though for remaining consistent with your update posts and sticking to your word about not moving away from things until you complete them. That in itself is an accomplishment worth cheering for.

    Some of my goals for June are to log some volunteer hours, publish a blog post a day highlighting Pride month, get back into the habit of running every day, and continue working on building a better marriage with my wife.

  2. We have pretty much the same goals, especially interacting more on social media. I’ve never cared for anything social media until I got serious with blogging. Now, I need to work on my online presence so feel free to shoot me some tips on that! 😊

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