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May 2022 Monthly Update: It’s Been A Mentally Rough Month

May is known as Mental Health Awareness Month and, ironically, it has been one of the worst mental health months so far this year. Things have been pretty rough, and they still are, but I’m slowly working on getting back.

Despite what’s been going on mentally, I still have goals that were planned to be made, so let’s review what those were and see if I was able to accomplish anything despite the difficulties.

Take updated photos. I’m very proud of myself for pushing through and finally taking new photos. I hadn’t posted on social media for a little over a month and really needed new photos to post, but the process of getting ready is so tiring for me, which caused me to procrastinate on doing so. However, I got it done and you can check out my new photos as I post them (and follow me if you’d like) on my Instagram.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have managed to accomplish in May, but I am proud that I accomplished SOMETHING with how my mental health has been. This month I will like to start off a little slow and not make as many goals as usual…sort of like a reset. With that being said, here are my goals for June!

  • Make promotional content
  • Slowly get into “Soft 75”
  • Work back into my slow morning routine

I’m still not the best mentally, but this month I would like to (hopefully) get back in some form. It’s all about taking things slow, on my terms, and not pushing or forcing myself to do things I’m just not up to doing/handling at the moment.

Do you have any goals for the month? Sometimes the only goal we need is to take care of ourselves and that’s good enough!


  1. Hey girl! I’m glad your giving yourself grace for the month of May while showing up for June! My goal is to show up without expectations for the month of June. Praying June is much better for you love!

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