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May 2021 Monthly Update: A Better Result

June is here and I’m ready for all of the summer vibes! I am seriously loving the fact that the sun is out and it’s making me feel more productive. With that being said, if you read my last monthly update, then you know that I didn’t have the best luck at accomplishing my goals for April. In fact, I didn’t accomplish a single goal! I couldn’t let that remain and needed a redo at trying to accomplish those same goals once again.

This time I did much better and was actually able to accomplish some of the goals on my list. Though it would’ve been great to get them all done, the fact that I got some of them checked off this time is still good! Keep reading to find out which goals I was able to accomplish and to see my next batch of goals for June!

Let’s first get into the goals I was able to check off my list. Here’s a reminder of the goals in case you didn’t see my last update or just need a refresher. After that will be the goals I accomplished from that list.

Work on my press kit. This one is something I’ve been needing to do and I’m proud I finally started working on it. A press kit is important when you’re trying to reach out to brands/when they reach out to you in order to work together. I didn’t finish it, but it’s almost done!

Study up more on SEO. I did do this, but it wasn’t the most successful. I figured I could just look on Pinterest or Google for some SEO tips, but I was very confused. I’m going to keep trying to look up SEO tips, but if you have any links to where I can find some good tips then leave them in the comments!

Wake up daily around 7-7:30AM. I am SUPER proud of myself for this one! I’ve always been someone who woke up early, but I’m working on waking up at 6AM for more productive days and to get more done earlier in the day. I did have some times where I snoozed plenty of times, however, it was only a few times where I woke up around 7:40-7:50. Another proud moment is that I’ve also started waking up around 6:40! I am SHOOK!

I checked off a good amount of goals off my list and I’m proud of myself for doing so this time. Remember, a bad moment doesn’t last forever!

Now, let’s look into the goals I have for June!


  • Finish media press kit and send to at least 1 brand
  • Put out new reel
  • Try to figure out Google analytics again


  • Figure out finances
  • Wake up daily around 6:30-6:40AM

I am excited for what this month has in store for me and I’m ready to accomplish my goals and beyond! What are your goals for this month?


  1. Congrats on accomplishing more goals this time around! Waking up early was one of my goals as well and I am proud to say I also accomplished getting up at 6 am on most mornings. It’s such a good feeling! SEO is something I don’t really understand either. I have Yeost SEO installed on my blog but I don’t understand a lot of it and it’s something I thought I could just watch some Youtube videos or find things on Pinterest as well but all they managed to do was confuse me more.

    • Good job!! I can’t wait until I get there as well. I also need to work on when I go to bed because that’s a big factor also. I actually had Yeost SEO, but I wasn’t a fan. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t figure it out, but I didn’t get how it did the keywords. The theme for my blog already has some SEO formats in place like being able to put keywords and everything, but when I used Yeost, it only let me do one keyword and I didn’t like that. Again, maybe I just didn’t know how to use it properly. SEO is definitely difficult and takes time to understand.

  2. SEO is so confusing! I wish I had a solution too, I’m kinda just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. Also, congrats on getting up so early! I’m trying to get up more consistently and it’s kind of working? Except I accidentally woke up at 11 today and it very much threw me off. I totally understand getting up early to feel productive. Good luck with June!


    • Honestly, that’s going to be me at this point because I have no clue about SEO lol. Omg I hate when I wake up later than planned. It really does throw everything off. Thank you love and you too! ♥

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