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March Monthly Update 2020: What Happened March??

March has surely been a month. I think we all can agree to that! 2020 was supposed to be the month we got our ish together and then everything just went downhill. Regardless of the condition of the world right now, life still must go on in the best way it can and goals still need to get accomplished. With that being said, it’s time to see what I actually accomplished in March.

Work on getting shop together. I haven’t really said anything about my shop, because I’m not close to having it up yet. But, best believe I’m working on it, and I didn’t fail on doing that in March!

Get more active on Pinterest. I’m still very much so working on this, but I think I’m doing a tad bit better. I always hear Pinterest is like the goldmine for getting traffic, but honey, it’s hard! I think I’ve gone down on monthly views in March, but I’ll get it together eventually.

Go to gym 2x a week. This one technically shouldn’t count since I really didn’t workout until the last week of March and I could go to the gym so I worked out at home. However, I did workout almost every day in that last week! That counts…right?

Work on planning/scheduling better. I’m trying to actually plan out what days I’m going to do what blog posts. I did a little bit of that in March, so I added it to the list, but April is really when I’m putting it in place. Fingers crossed I get it accomplished.

I accomplished a lot more on the list than I thought I would (shocked? So am I). Now let’s see what I have planned for April!


♥guest blogger/blogger collab

♥work on shop

♥interact more on Twitter


♥read/ finish a book (this will get done!)

♥workout/ do some movement every day

Do you have any goals for April? Let me know in the comments!


    • With everything going on, that’s the only goal you need. And I hope you accomplish your goal 100% ♥

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