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March 2021 Monthly Update: Numbers Don’t Lie

The spring weather has been coming out and it just feels so good! There will always be something about longer, sunnier days that is just an instant mood booster. Let me know in the comments if you agree!

Alright, so I know you can see the title, and it’s probably easy to assume that this monthly update is just going to be all about sharing my goals that soared numerical-wise. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. Before I get into the goals that I accomplished, I want to dive really quick into the struggle that I’ve been dealing with for a month, if not more.

It’s no secret that entrepreneurship, content creator, influencer, etc. life isn’t easy AT ALL. I’m aware of all the hardships and everything, but even being aware of it still doesn’t prepare you for the feeling of working so hard on something and just not seeing the numbers fly like you thought you would. I already discussed how I don’t pay attention to the stats often, and I still don’t, but things get a little bit more complicated when money is involved. I’m trying to make sure I’m in a place where I feel confident when I say I’m a full-time blogger, and right now, my sale numbers just don’t make me feel that way. If you’re a long-time reader, then you know I’m all about being real, so I don’t mind sharing this. The journey to this self-employed life isn’t always so cute behind the scenes regardless of what it looks like on the outside.

When I say numbers don’t lie, in short terms, I just mean that they’re telling me that I have a lot of work to do. To be fair, they’re not wrong. It’s frustrating and upsetting especially when you’re asking people what they want and you’re still not getting the best results when you provide that, but it’s a sign that I have to go harder. The numbers don’t lie and they’re saying to go harder, better, and full force. So…let’s get it!

Now that my little spiel is over, let’s FINALLY get into these goals because that’s what you’re here for right? Right!

Here’s a recap of the goals I made for March:

5 more newsletter subscribers. Although I didn’t hit my sales goal this month, I’m so ecstatic that I was able to hit my goal of gaining five more newsletter subscribers! I know five is a small goal and seems easy, but it’s harder than you think to gain mail subscribers. People might assume you’re going to spam their inboxes, but that’s not the case with me at all. If you’d like to help this number grow and be a part of the newsletter fam, then you can subscribe here or on the home page of my blog.

Update old blog posts. I only did a few of these and have so much more to go, but to see where I was with blogging and where I am is inspiring. Sometimes it’s hard to see your growth…until you really see it. If you’re a blogger, I advise doing the same with your old blog posts.

Work on season 4 of my podcast. I can say that I’ve officially started working on my podcast! I started later than I planned because it took me a minute to get into the groove, but we’re finally going! I don’t have a date yet for when season 4 will launch, but you can sign up to my mailing list to become one of the first ones to know as well as follow my podcast Instagram.

Create a morning skincare routine. I’m so proud of this one! I don’t think I ever created a morning skincare routine. My morning routine isn’t 100% solid, but it’s pretty good. I tried adding a vitamin C serum to my routine and it caused my skin to peel really bad, so if you have any recommendations, then you can leave them in the comments!

Finalize a solid morning routine. You guys don’t have to get on me because I did it! I finally have a morning routine orchestrated after many many struggles. I’m still struggling, BUT it’s just with waking up earlier and not hitting snooze all the time now *cue foreshadowing for one of my goals*.

Now, here are my goals for April!


  • Talk on IG stories at least twice a week
  • Study up more on SEO
  • Work on my press kit


  • Practice skating daily
  • Workout at least 2x every week
  • Wake up daily around 7-7:30 AM without snoozing

Despite the hard time I’ve been having with making sale goals, it’s hard to look at all of the things I’ve managed to accomplish and remain down about what I haven’t accomplished.

If you didn’t know, Mondays are my motivational Mondays where I try to always post something that will leave you guys motivated in some way. I hope that after reading today’s post, you feel motivated to not only keep going at full force but to also write down your goals somewhere and check them off. It’s just as important to see what you DID do and not just what you have yet to accomplish.


  1. I’ve been wanting to rewrite or repurpose some of my old blog posts. But do you keep your old blog posts active? Or do you archive them ?

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