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Love Your Body Girl And Stuff Your Face!

Happy Monday loves!

It’s the week of “stuff your face day” aka Thanksgiving and, although I’m not a celebrator of Thanksgiving any longer, I’m excited to have a very big meal with a lot of delicious foods that I typically only see once or twice a year. The end of the year may bring holidays that involve tons of good food, but it also brings along some insecurities and worries when it comes to food.

I want to start this by saying that I know not just women have issues when it comes to food and being body-conscious, but being a woman myself, I wanted to direct this towards women. Throughout our lives, women are told what we should eat, what our portions should be, how we should look, asked if we’re pregnant when it’s just a little bloat…the list goes on. It’s no wonder why there’s a struggle with eating disorders, some women don’t eat as much in public as in private, sometimes meals are skipped, etc. It’s all so sad, but it’s not surprising with how society has shown that there’s a certain “standard” for women. It also doesn’t help to have those family members who love to put their noses in your plate when you’re going back for more (Covid did one thing right by saving us from that one).

A quick story of my life and my journey: I’ve mentioned on here before about being bullied most of my life (kids are very cruel), which has caused me to develop a mindset that sees my body as anything other than beautiful. I’ve been plus sized my entire life and have always had not the best relationship with food. I’ve overeaten or binged and the happy medium has never been there. Please note that this is past AND present tense. This has also caused me to hate how I look in a lot of types of clothing and swear to myself that I’d never wear certain clothes until I’ve lost weight. I also hate to eat alone in public because there’s no one to distract me from the fact that someone could be watching me simply because I’m bigger. I am surrounded by people who constantly discuss how they need to lose weight (not told by a doctor but themselves) and who, one day tell me I look smaller and then the next look bigger, despite not being asked at all.

This story doesn’t stop at a completely sad place though. At this very moment in time, yes I still struggle with food, the issues I struggle with mentally, and am surrounded by those people…but I’ve also taken leaps to wear things I’ve never thought I’d wear at my size like crop tops and shorts. I’m nowhere near the end of the tunnel of loving myself. I feel almost hypocritical telling you to love yourself when I could’ve talked myself down moments before posting this. However, one thing I don’t want any of you to do is feel as if you need to tear yourself down or hold yourself back from the delicious food of the holiday season because of what others or your brain may say. I don’t need to see a single person reading this to know that you’re beautiful. Isn’t the rule of the internet that when a blogger says it, it’s true? Sorry, I don’t make rules!

With that being said, this time of year can be so hard and if you have no one to talk to, I’m only an email, DM, or comment away. Don’t be afraid to send a message if you need to talk or just a hype woman. Some of the women I follow on Instagram can tell you all about how I hype them up and I can do the same for you.

Now, love your body girl and stuff your face!


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