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Look Fab For Cheap: Shein Clothing Review

One of the most difficult things sometimes about being a blogger can be spending your entire wallet just to look stylish and get some content for your blog or social media sites. I know for me, I struggle a little bit to keep up on Instagram when it comes to serving looks because I practically hate everything in my damn closet. You don’t have to spend a dime to make something look stylish, but I wasn’t too fond of my closet even before I started blogging. I vowed to myself that I would work on making my Instagram look the way that I originally wanted it to look (not that it doesn’t look good, but I had a slightly different plan for it) BUT, that would mean spending a little coin and I’m not making that good blogger coin just yet. That is why I was ecstatic when I discovered Shein(please note that I’m not sponsored but just giving my opinion). I’ve heard of Shein for a while but was hesitant to try them out because I didn’t know how their sizes were going to go. Well, I’m so glad I decided to give them a try and you’re going to see why in this clothing review!

I bought three items from them for a shoot I did with my friend so I could get some more pictures for Instagram. The outfits are featured below.

IMG_20190731_102325_946                                     Outfit: Plus Off-Shoulder Shirred Blouse and Pants ($16)

I’m obsessed with this outfit! It is so cute and you get a two-piece set for just $16! I don’t know about you but that was an amazing deal to me. This set also comes in two other colors and best believe I plan on snagging the other two! I will say though, the outfit is kind of sheer so be careful with what kind of underwear you choose to wear beneath it. I also would like to add that the bottoms can be a smidge bit tighter at the top than I’d like, but nothing too serious. I’m wearing a size 4xl. This outfit is so cute and airy…perfect for spring and Summer!

IMG_4767Outfit: Plus Off-Shoulder Floral Print Knot Front Dress($15)

This dress is another very cute item that I had to add to my closet. From the flower print to the flowy sleeves, it was hard not to add this dress into my cart! The length of this dress was perfect for me as a short girl. I love something a bit on the shorter side because I love to show my legs, but I hate how I end up almost pulling a Marilyn Monroe when the wind blows. I did not have this problem with this dress. It was short enough to show off my legs but long enough where I didn’t have to worry about the wind too much. Let’s get to these sleeves! I won’t lie, even I considered myself crazy for getting something long sleeved in this heat, but they’re so airy! The sleeves are more so on the side of the dress versus actually being off the shoulder so you get a lot air. The bottom of the sleeves also flair out a bit. This dress is perfect for Spring, Summer, and Fall! I’m wearing a 2xl. The dress is very stretchy, so I went with my usual dress size and it fit perfect!

IMG_4770 (1)                                                   Item: V Cut Flap Crossbody Bag($5)

What’s an outfit without an accessory?? Can you believe I bought this purse for $5?! I almost don’t believe it myself. This purse was the perfect accessory for my shoot. It comes in different colors and I plan on getting this purse in those colors as well. A thing to note is that the purse is a smidge bit flimsy, but it held my stuff with no problem, nor did it fall apart or tear.

There you have it ladies (and gentlemen), two outfits and a purse for I’d say around $36 maybe $40 if you add shipping. I don’t know about you, but that’s a deal to me! Don’t forget you can play around with the two-piece set and create even more looks so it’s really like having three outfits. Not only did I get these items cheap, but I enhanced my wardrobe. I plan on buying more items from Shein and I hope you guys decide to check it out as well!


  1. I’ve never heard of Shein before (I’m not a fashion or beauty blogger, so I’m woefully ignorant) but those items you picked out are SO FREAKING CUTE! I personally loved the dress, because I loved the sleeves, but the first pink outfit just looked so chic and put together! Like, that’s the perfect Instagram outfit right there. And I really cannot believe those prices! I’m definitely going to have to check out Shein now!

    Great post and also, since you looked so good in your outfits, shouldn’t they be sponsoring you now? I don’t know, that’s just my thought and if they’re a smart company they’ll listen 😉

    Emily |

    • trust me, if I didn’t follow and watch youtubers so faithfully, I wouldn’t have known anything about shein either lol. and yes the prices are everything! It’s even better how easy it is to get point when you have the app that you can use to put towards your purchase. And girl yes, I’m trying to get that sponsorship! We putting it out into the atmosphere! lol Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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