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Life Update For July 2018

Hey everyone! Another month has gone by and a new one has taken its place. People are getting ready for a transition. New transitions means new goals! But first, let’s see what was and wasn’t accomplished for the month of July.

July has been pretty difficult for me. If you want to read about it, then you can check out the post I made discussing it. I didn’t get all of my goals accomplished, but I was able to get some things done in July or at least started.

♦ I started job searching (a post about job searching struggles coming soon)

♦regarding my poetry, I didn’t write as much as I had in mind, but I definitely have gotten further along so I’m happy about that. Sadly, that also does mean that I’m nowhere near close to being done with the book.

♦Because of how life has just dragged me in July, I haven’t worked out nor have I eaten healthy like I wanted to, which I really hate.

♦I DID however remain consistent with posting for you guys, but I also cut down from having a post up everyday to 3 days a week.


♦Try again with working out and eating healthy

♦Get back to listening to a podcast once a week

♦Think of more topics to write about for the blog

♦Connect more with other bloggers

♦ Get to at least a little over 100 pages in my poetry

♦Keep job searching/ hopefully get some job interviews

Check in next month to see my next life update!


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