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Life As A Plus Size Woman

I may not be 100% happy with the weight I currently am but regardless of how I feel about my body, it’s no secret that living in this world when you’re not a smaller size is not a walk in the park. Even women who are the happiest about their body size can tell you that they might also get a lot of crap just because they’re plus sized.

One of the most annoying things I see when I’m online is the fact that suddenly everyone turns into a damn doctor. They see someone actually happy with their body and they feel like they should put in their two cents. It also drives me crazy when it’s assumed just living your life as plus-sized is “Promoting obesity”. No one is promoting obesity. We’re literally just living our lives just like people who aren’t plus sized are living theirs. Is that a crime? I think the f*ck not. It’s annoying to see that random strangers want to act like they “care” about you when they just see an opportunity to comment on something they have no business commenting on.

Something else that’s annoying is the plus size sections in stores. I know that some of my ladies can agree with me on this. A lot of times the sections are so small in the store and it can be very frustrating. I feel like all we get is a little corner and told “have fun!” Then the stores that are predominantly plus size cost so much. Plus size clothes already cost a lot in general so it’s also twice as much for stores made for plus size women. Shopping as a plus size woman (from my experience) is a lot of either just dealing with the hands you’re dealt in the regular stores if you don’t want to pay even more or just ordering online and praying the clothes work.

Living life being plus sized sometimes means being made to feel insecure. Please note though, just because people make it seem like you should feel insecure or do things to try to make you insecure doesn’t mean you should have one insecure bone in your body! I’m still working on that, but I can’t wait until I’m no longer in that place. If you are struggling with insecurities like me, then stares that you may get because you decide to wear a crop top (you know because it’s hot as hell and you don’t want to burn up) might make you a little uncomfortable. It’s also all over social media and on TV.  So many photos are touched up or you see shows like the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and sometimes it can make you feel that way but it’s important to remind yourself that you’re fine the way you are. That’s something I think everyone has to remind themselves, but being plus size in this world, I think it’s even more important to remind yourself of this.

Being plus sized sometimes means seeing people make the connection between fat and ugly. Growing up being bullied, it’s kind of built in me to make that connection and will take time to disconnect the two, but there is not a connection. Being fat or plus sized doesn’t mean you’re ugly. Calling yourself fat isn’t bad either and that’s also something I have to learn still, which is why I just say plus sized. When I say I’m fat, a lot of times I hear “you’re not fat” or “You’re beautiful” when I never said I was ugly. And this happens a lot I feel like with guys, they give backhanded compliments like “You’re pretty for a big girl.” Can anyone else relate? I feel like this construct of living in a world where fat is being seen as almost a bad word will take time before it fades, but all around you already see other women slowly breaking down that construct. I’m so happy to see that and I really can’t wait to see the day that I’m at that point myself.

So, I did discuss pretty much a lot of struggles living as a plus sized woman in America just from what I’ve experienced or have seen because these are just what we can or do go through. But despite all the struggles and sh*t plus sized women get in this world, I can say that overall we are there for each other for the most part and when I see people who are allies for us it really warms my heart. It’s not easy being plus sized in this world, especially depending on what area you live in, but we’re here and people better start accepting us. There’s more than “one size fits all” and I hope more people realize that as the years go by.


  1. Thank you for sharing. For me being plus size had been a very personal experience that I usually just keep my thoughts to myself. However, I can really relate to what you are saying. I’m learning to accept myself at any stage in life. I used to try to fit in the small clothes then I was like screw it. Imma be “think” and look as fly as possible. I purchase many of my clothes from City Chic online because the clothes are on sale a lot! And the clothes are cut for larger people and they are made of substantial material. I do my make up, hair, nails. Still, I get the same thoughts…this world wasn’t meant for “think” girls! And I am dieting and exercising to make me feel I have some power over my weight! Old, young, big little. Trying to love me! Glad you shared! Great post!

    Teri –


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