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Let’s Talk About It: The Dating Pool Is Actually A Cesspool

We all know that dating and relationships aren’t the slightest bit easy. There are a billion people in this world which means a billion different personalities, interests, thoughts, etc. This has always made it a little bit difficult when stepping out into the dating world and finding the right match to spend the rest of your life with.

With that being said, the dating pool seems to get worse, and right now it’s beginning to look like a giant cesspool.

As someone who is single, I can say that I know fairly well about the dating pool. As someone who has been single for about ten years and has chosen to stay out of said pool, I can also say that I’m making the right choice by continuing to stay out.

Speaking from a straight woman’s perspective, as much as there are great guys out there with equally great and respectful mindsets, there are also those whose mindsets make you wonder. Their ideals and beliefs on how they treat and think about women is what makes some women question if they should stay in the pool or get out. There’s one big place that continues to support these out-of-world ideologies, and that’s social media. Social media contains all types of people, which makes it easier to find those who think exactly as you do.

With that said, the slightest form of validation or agreement towards said ideologies is all that’s needed for them to think that form of thinking is okay. Social media is also good for showing women who we should stay away from. For example: a certain post, possibly a misogynistic one, could’ve been made about women on social media and instead of defending, you find a group of men agreeing. Along with watching out for misogynistic viewpoints, you also have to watch out for creeps, black women haters, ones now known as “passport bros”, those who are basically looking for a mother or maid, and more.

All of this simply boils down to, again, why I say I’m glad that I chose to keep myself out of the dating pool because it’s clear that I’m saving myself from the trash and gunk that’s currently occupying it.

There’s so much more that could’ve been said on this topic, and I may make a part two if you all would like. I truly wish the best of luck to those who are choosing to jump headfirst into the pool because they genuinely want the love they know they deserve. I’m proud of you for doing so and I hope you all find the refreshing water through all the gunk.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I had many terrible Tinder dates to the point where I no longer use Tinder and I guess I just simply enjoy being single.
    I really love your post it would be cool for a part II.

    • Oh man I tried Tinder ones a few years ago and it was a terrible mistake. Me and dating apps don’t mix anymore anyways. I’ve downloaded them when I’m really bored and delete them after a day. I’m glad you enjoyed my post and I’m definitely thinking about a part 2!

  2. I’ve known my husband for 10 years, been married for 6 years, so idk what the dating pool is like out there in 2023. 10 years ago, there seemed to be a mix of decent ppl and then again, not so much (hookups were still considered acceptable back then too).

    I have a weird theory that the pool of decent guys decreases the older we get, mainly because the high quality ones are either taken, eloping, or married. That’s not to say that there aren’t high quality guys in the dating pool. Im sure they do exist, but I also know how hard it can be to find Mr. Right.

    • I totally agree with you on that. And as the good ones get taken as we get older, that leaves more of the single ones who refuse to leave their player days/their mentality is just absolute trash. It’s so sad to see.

  3. Unfortunately, dating is messy. I think you’re doing the smart thing in staying single and enjoying your life, because whether you find someone or not, you still win 🙂

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