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Let’s Talk About It: Self Pleasure

“Is she talking about pleasuring herself!? That’s so taboo!”

Now that that’s out of the way, Valentine’s day is coming up, and that typically means guys getting their girls something for this oh so special day and showering them with the finer things in life. Girls that don’t have a valentine typically ending up trying to hurry up and find one for the day or just wishing they had one. With that being said, I know this title sounds like I mean one form of self pleasuring, which, for the record is very important too. You don’t have to mope because you’re not getting the Vday love that you want. But, I mean another type of self pleasuring.

Whether you’re a man or woman…have a boo or not…getting things for yourself is something that everyone should do. You don’t need someone to get you gifts (and this is coming from someone who wouldn’t decline if someone offered). You certainly don’t have to wait until Valentine’s day either. It’s important to indulge in yourself every now and then. Take yourself out to eat, to a movie, a spa, or whatever you like to do.

You don’t have to spend your time wishing someone was pleasuring you and spending money on you. Spend money on yourself. Pleasure yourself because you deserve it. Not because it’s Valentine’s day and you guess you’ll spend a little on yourself since no one else is going too. If you can’t afford to do it right now, then save up until you can do it and get whatever you like.

Moral of the story: self pleasure is important and you should take part in treating yourself…not just on Valentine’s day, but any day.


  1. Well said. I agree! We should be okay with enjoying our own company-luxuriate in a quiet breakfast at one’s local favorite cafe. Whatever makes you feel good-do it happily. All that self-love is necessary.

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