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Let’s Talk About It: Protect Our Black Girls!

**TRIGGER WARNING: I will be mentioning pedophilia so please be warned if you’re triggered by this topic***

Hooneeyy! Get your hot tea, coffee, apple cider…all of that because this topic is a very big one and very much so a big topic right now.

Alright, so if you’re at all aware of the news, especially celebrity news, then you know all about what’s been going on with R. Kelly and the recent document series that just came out on Lifetime. If you know of the artist R. Kelly and his music but aren’t up to date with what’s going on, then to simply put it….he’s a pedophile and has been doing pedophilic acts for decades now. Specifically with young black girls and women.

So, I have a confession, I just recently discovered this about R. Kelly and I know once some of you read that it caused you to shake your heads. It’s not like I heard about it years ago and I just ignored the fact because I loved his music. I just genuinely never heard about it. I never saw anything about it until recently with the documentary coming out and I don’t keep up with celebrities lives or the news so I don’t know much about a lot of celebrities. It was never talked about or mentioned in my household and when I was younger, I definitely didn’t know about it because I was too busy being a kid and singing songs to lyrics I would have no idea the meaning of at that time. So, if you want to shake your head at me, then you can go ahead but at least I know now.

But, let’s get into the meat of this topic…why is he not in jail yet!? I mean just seeing that documentary and seeing all the evidence there is on him, it shows he should’ve been in jail years ago. But why is he still free!? As I was watching that documentary, I was sitting there thinking ” I don’t know if I can stop listening to Ignition or Step In The Name Of Love” but the further I got into the documentary, the more I realized that I don’t think I want too. But that’s just it, he brought the sales. In this world, music sales are more important than protecting our black girls and putting away a pedophile. It’s crazy to think because that could’ve been me. A young black girl who knew nothing that was going on and a lover of his music.

He’s used his music to lure black girls in and a lot of the black community as ignored it and just let it slide making it seem like he can get away with anything and everything and why?? Again because he makes the sales and puts out hit songs so of course he gets a pass. Also, we as black people love to fight for when another race does us wrong, but we have to fight too for when one of our own is doing wrong. We have to hold them just as accountable. Sometimes we have to protect ourselves from our own kind and this R.Kelly situation is the perfect example.

And it’s not surprising that some people are still sticking up for R.Kelly to this day. Black people in general get the shitty end of the stick when it comes to damn near anything and it’s always been this way. Add being a black girl to the mix? It’s even worse. And again that also includes how people in our own community treats us. I even made a post about how black women are treated. What’s even worse is that there are still, to this day, girls/women who are brainwashed by him and still living in whatever cult-like atmosphere that he has going on. I won’t give a lot of detail about the documentary because it might be too much for some of you, but all I’ll say is we need to protect our black girls. I’m saying this as a black woman myself and as someone who sees the treatment that’s received on a daily basis. It’s time for justice, it’s time to put R. Kelly to jail, and it’s time to start treating black girls/women like the value that we are and not like the burden that’s been formed into some people’s brains to believe.

How do you feel about all of this? Let’s talk about it!


  1. I agree black girls deserve better! We can’t continue to separate the artist from their work. When people, especially black people, continue to support R. Kelly’s music it’s a slap in the face to the women he harmed. He is not in jail yet because people are willing to turn a blind eye to his horrific actions all because of a few bops. We need to do better.

  2. I feel bad bc I remember kids singing Dave Chapelle’s parody about him, but as a kid, I didn’t realize there was news reports and investigations and documentation! You just hear other kids so it’s easy to just call it “gossip.” But it’s so disgusting to hear the truth behind it. He needs to be held accountable for whatever his victims need and to heal (e.g., pay for their health needs) and prevented from being allowed to do it again for justice. Color of Change is creating different actions like tweeting at his record company and getting his music off Spotify!

    • as someone who knew nothing that was going on as a kid, I understand. but we know now and we can help take any actions we can to make sure justice is closer and closer to getting served. I hope they’re able to pull through because his music needs to be taken down!

    • A lot of people don’t realize there’s more than just rumors. They haven’t seen the interviews or really even listened to his song lyrics. He is clearly going through something. Iyanla Vanzant said he reached out to her for help at one point.

  3. You’re right. Being black has not really gone smoothly for me,especially in social media where everyone expects you to be perfect. And yes,we do like to defend ourselves against racism outside the black community and not within. I get your point and the obsession for fame just got higher,because people believe that you once you’re famous ,then you have a say,and everybody wants that.

  4. Thanks for this read did! I’m very upset that this is blowing over before. People are on to the next topic like he still isn’t walking around free. I won’t be statisfied until he is investigated THOROUGHLY! I am mortified at the victim blaming, as well as people bashing their families. Abuse is wrong period. I want to do a blog post on this subject as well!

    • Realistically, there’s a statute of limitations. In all honesty he should have been investigated PROPERLY years ago and locked up. I’m not sure how much they can pin on him now , unless a recent victim comes forward. But with the victim shaming going on in social media, i doubt anyone will come forward. At least not recent victims.

  5. I found myself triggered the other day. Not just by him but the reactions of his fans. I asked myself why I was so bothered. Then I started to remember some things. I remember blaming myself. Then I started crying. Because as I read these comments I realized society is blaming these girls. We’ve had that sweep-it-under-a-rug culture in the West Indies. Young girls are often the perpetrators, not the victims. So no one talked about it. The conversations were taboo. You grew up and you accepted it. It’s culture. It’s family. It is what it is.

  6. “He’s used his music to lure black girls in and a lot of the black community as ignored it and just let it slide making it seem like he can get away with “. Have you ever heard it the Pied Piper of Hamelin. RKelly referred to himself as the Pied Piper. He’s incriminated himself in interviews and many of us saw the video. I don’t think half the black women that are defending him understand the gravity of the situation. They think all these accusations stem from a documentary. He’s been carrying on like this for years and the first person to say Mute RKelly war comedian Monique.

  7. Protect black girls at all costs !! I am my sister’s keeper <3 I recently wrote a blog post describing the most difficult thing about being a black female medical student. I hope you'll have a chance to read.


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