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Let’s Talk About It: Black History Month Was Not Black History Month-ing

Tomorrow is the last day of Black History Month and I have to be honest, this black history month has not been black history “month-ing” in the slightest. I sometimes think about back in school when we had to do projects and watch videos during black history month. Many of us agree that we usually covered the same people when it was time to do those projects. Whether you were able to choose your own black person in history or the person was chosen for you, a lot of the same names were still used: Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Madam CJ Walker, and more. All of these people are obviously amazing, did amazing things, and shook the table in different ways but there are so many more who we never received the chance to learn about.

With that being said, part of me wishes that we could go back to that but with more than just the same black people in history being discussed. Because we’re not forced to grab a trifold board, write a paper, and create a presentation, it’s our own job to educate ourselves (not just during black history month but outside of it as well). We also have to find creative ways to learn and share said information, if sharing is something that you’d like to do.

I’m someone who does not have the attention span to pay attention to history. I never did when I was in school and that hasn’t changed as I’ve grown into an adult. However, I’ve seen the most creative ways people have highlighted black history on social media throughout the years. I’ve seen people use makeup, costumes, dance, and more. These ways are effective because they catch my attention as well as the attention of others.

That said, the lack of seeing that creativity or anything at all about black history month has grown and become more apparent throughout the years. I’ve written a post last year about this exact topic because it was the same situation. Unfortunately, this year there seems to be even less information going out or celebration of the month. I’ve even seen some of the craziest things going on that isn’t right outside of black history month but also is very disrespectful during it.

I’m not sure where the direction is going when it comes to black history month and the knowledge or education of black history, but I do hope that we start to make a comeback by acknowledging the month and what it means. Maybe one day we’ll even start making powerpoints and presentations just for the nostalgia!

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think Black History Month is being less acknowledged? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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