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Know Who Your Real Friends Are!

In this day and age, knowing who your real friends are is very vital. It’s just sad that one young woman had to find out in the worst way possible that the girl she thought was a real friend, wasn’t a friend at all.

And yes, I’m talking about Alexis Crawford. If you haven’t heard of her story, I’ll you guys a little background. Alexis Crawford was a student that went to Clark Atlanta and lived with her roommate Jordyn. Alexis was first missing and prior to that, apparently she accused Jordyn’s boyfriend of sexually assaulting her. Fast forward, Alexis’s body was found and it turns out that both Jordyn and Jordyn’s boyfriend are the ones responsible for the murder of Alexis Crawford.

Does this sound like a movie or what? I’m sure Lifetime will turn this into a movie sooner or later, but sadly this isn’t just some Lifetime movie, this is reality. What makes this even worse is the fact that Jordyn was looking around for Alexis along with her friends and family.


It’s so hard these days to tell who’s real and who’s not, which is why you should be careful. There’s also another lesson to come from this, and that’s to be careful who you live with. When it comes to college, sometimes you may have no choice if you’re placed with someone at random. However, you do have the choice to go to someone if you feel unsafe with the person that you were assigned to live with. For people who are going online searching for a roommate for an apartment, please be careful. Do a thorough background check if you must, but BE CAREFUL. Just because someone seems cool and normal and you become friends, doesn’t mean that person is cool. It takes one thing and then you realize that person isn’t as normal as you thought. I pray that one thing won’t be something as drastic as you getting harmed.

Going back to knowing who your real friends are, this case doesn’t mean you should start looking at all your friends as if they’re murderers but pay attention to the signs that are telling you it might be time to drop them as friends. There are always going to be some type of signs or hints that let you know. You have to make it your job to pay attention to them. There are so many fake people out here and protecting yourself is always going to be number one. This goes for people you just met and people you’ve known almost all of your life. People change every day…including the day ones you’ve known since you were in diapers.

It’s sad that this tragedy had to happen and more than likely it happened over a guy who I can bet has nothing going for his life. Well, if he did then that’s over for him and for Jordyn. Let’s all try to keep Alexis’s family in our prayers.

How do you feel about this situation? Have you ever had to stop being friends with someone because they weren’t being a real friend?


  1. Truly a tragic story, my heart goes out to her family. But I have stopped being friends with someone because they couldn’t accept me for who I was, as bipolar. When I tried to talk to them, they just disappeared. That’s when I found out they truly weren’t my friend.

  2. I’ve lost 2 “best friends” shortly after my wedding in 2016 because I learned that they weren’t really my friends at all…. it still stings to this day. The one who I trusted most turned the other against me, badmouthed me, and threw me under a bus so to speak. I shared two letters on my blog which I wrote to them, typed up, printed off on fancy paper and mailed. Never heard from either of them after that.

    Luckily nobody was physically harmed like this poor girl, but I agree that good friends are hard to find and that it’s difficult to trust people these days. Especially when there are relationships and boyfriends involved, people can get extremely neurotic.

    • I’m sorry that happened to you. If the other girl could so easily be turned against you, then she wasn’t your friend from the get-go. It can hurt, especially depending on how long someone has been in your life, but keeping people in your life who were never real could end up hurting even worse

      • One of them I thought was a decent friend. I didn’t see the signs until I was 7 years into that friendship.

        Both of these friendships turned sour over time. I was blind and just didn’t see the red flags. So much girl drama and backstabbing. I learned my lesson and no longer tolerate this kind of BS nor participate in it.

        • Good! You deserve nothing but real people and true friends in your life. It sucks when you see who people really are after them being in your life for so long, but the good thing is that you DO see who they are before they’re in your life even longer.

  3. What happened to her is absolutely tragic. This is a topic I discussed with a friend from high school. We talked about how people change and you never truly know what’s on someone’s mind. With both us going through negative experiences we’ve learned how to be a good friend what makes a bad one.

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