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Known as freedom day.

Celebrated on the 19th of June to commemorate Union army general Gordon Granger’s reading of federal orders in the city of Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865, proclaiming all slaves in Texas were now free. (source)

Basically put, this is the day that slaves could scream and shout for joy, because they were officially free.

Juneteenth is such a symbolic day and it means so much to black people. What I find sad is that it’s not even studied in history classes. I didn’t know anything about Juneteenth until two or three years ago. How sad is that? What’s even worse is that it’s not recognized as a national holiday all around the world. Today is the black community’s fourth of July. It’s where we celebrate the freedom of our ancestors from the shackles of slavery.

What does this mean for you?

Well dear reader, Today is a celebratory day for black people, but also a day for everyone to support. If you haven’t before, now is your time to support a black owned business, black creators, black artists, etc. This is your chance. If you haven’t done anything these past two weeks and beyond, then here you go, and this goes for anyone. Show your support. Either signing petitions all day, donating, buying from a few black businesses, and so forth. We as black people have had so much taken away from us, including our lives. It’s time to be given back to, to be celebrated, and for us to celebrate ourselves. Below will be the itinerary I made filled with some black creators, businesses, and so much more. I still have to add even more to the list so bookmark it and come back to it, because you shouldn’t just support on this day or during this time.

How do you plan on supporting or celebrating today? I would love to know!

The Ultimate Itinerary to Black Creators, Businesses, and More


    • I’m sure there are plenty that are selling them! You’ll find one in no time. Thanks for reading β™₯

  1. I wrote about it, too, and signed the petition to make it a national holiday. I have a question for you … what would you say to people …. Happy Juneteenth Day? Happy Freedom Day?

    • That’s so awesome to hear! And I would just say happy Juneteenth or happy Juneteenth Day β™₯

  2. Thank you for writing about this. I didn’t know about it until a few days ago. That may be because I’ve been cooped up for too long. I think one way I know for sure l can do is to support black artists, writers and musicians.

    • A lot of people haven’t learned about it until these past few recent years. I really wish it was taught about in history books. I’m glad I could help take part in educating. I think that’s awesome if you did that! The community needs so much continuous and genuine support.

  3. Thank you for writing this, until now I had absolutely no clue about this day. It’s terrible that we don’t learn about black history in schools, we all need to fight, speak and learn. I’m educating myself slowly on black history as there’s so much we’ve not been taught, so thank you! Great post x

    • Thank you so much for reading and I’m so glad I could help in educating. I’m learning more about it myself. I’m really hoping that it’s pushed for Juneteenth to be taught about in schools and moved as a national holiday in all 50 states. Thanks again for reading! β™₯

  4. Thanks for shedding some light on this. It wasn’t until the other week that I’d heard of this, although part of that might be because I’m from the UK. I’ve been making the most of this time to educate myself, I’ve signed more petitions than I ever have before, and been sharing resources as I find them & I will continue to do so.

    Hope you’re keeping well!

    • I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been doing so much to support! I think you being in the UK could be part of the reason, but also a large majority of people in the US are just really learning about it these past few years because it’s not taught. It’s really sad and I hope to see it being something that’s taught in schools in the very near future. Thanks for reading and I hope you’re well also! β™₯

    • I agree! I’m really hoping for better in the near future and more topics like these being discussed in schools.

  5. Thank you for writing about this! I’m so embarrassed that I didn’t know about this day, but I guess it turns out most of us didn’t! Which is horrible, considering what an important day in history it is. I’m glad it’s finally being acknowledged more and I hope it becomes a national holiday! And thank you for compiling the itinerary! It’s something all be using all year round πŸ™‚

    Emily |

    • It sucks that it’s not taught in schools, but I hope that changes as well as it not being considered a national holiday. I’m so happy to hear you’ll be using the itinerary! I plan on updating it soon and hopefully making it a lot neater as well once I get the time.

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