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June Monthly Update 2020

We’ve made it through the first half of 2020 and boy what a half year it has been! We are in July now and the beginning of the second half of the year. All we can do is hope for better and continue to work on making change by being safe, signing petitions, and donating.

Going into a new month, as always, means yet another set of new goals. Can I say that I achieved the goals I had for June? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out. But first, here’s a reminder of what my goals were for June, and then I’ll go right into what I accomplished.

Work on shop. If you’re confused and have questions, just know that something is coming and I’ve been working on it.

Continue to practice ASL. I have been having so much fun learning ASL. I just wish I had someone to practice with, but I go over the words after every few days just to give myself time to possibly forget and to see if I remember everything.

I’m not sure what happened in June goals wise. Just like this year, I’ve gone downhill on my goals, but I have high hopes for July. With that being said, let’s see what goals I have planned for this month!


♥work on shop

♥Study and expand craft


♥ Get healthy

♥Read more

♥Work on my self care

What are your goals for July? Share some in the comments and let’s chat!


    • It stands for American Sign Language. And thank you love…I’m looking forward to when I bring it to life ♥

    • I think it’s awesome that you’re learning ASL! I’ve always wanted to learn myself… Maybe now’s the perfect time for me to do so!

      This month my main goal is to be a bit more consistent with engaging and posting on social media.

      Can’t wait to see your shop!

      Hayley |

      • It’s most definitely the perfect time! I’d start for sure. Your main goal is something I need to work on myself. I think I’m better at it than in the past though. I’m sure we’ll both crush our goals! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  1. I can’t wait to see what your shop is about! My goals are just to continue to grow my blog and staying healthy!

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