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June 2024 Monthly Update: Cheers To Summer Fun!

Happy July 1st!

A new month is here and summer is alive and well! Summer is my favorite season and I love to take full advantage of it whenever I can. Before getting into these goals, consider this your reminder to take time for a little summer fun. As much as we work hard to check off that 2024 goals list, let’s remember to play just as hard!

Now, let’s review my June goals and what I accomplished!

Reach out to one brand. I’m so proud of myself for accomplishing this goal! I’ve never reached out to a brand before, but I decided to put on my big girl pants and give it a try. They haven’t contacted me about an opportunity, but who knows what could happen. As someone who would love to start working with brands, I plan on doing this more in the near future!

Leave the house 3x. If you’re a new reader, I’ve been making a conscious effort to leave the house more. I used to leave the house pretty often before covid and now I’m working on getting back to that. This will continue to be an ongoing goal each month, and the number may change. I know I won’t succeed every month, but I’m proud of the months that I do.

I could’ve done better, but I’m always proud of accomplishing something, especially with everything currently happening. Now let’s look into my goals for July!

  • Leave the house 3x
  • Wake up at 6:30AM at least 2x/week

I truly hope for a successful and fun July this summer! Here’s to a new month and new goals!

What are your goals for July?

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