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July 2023 Monthly Update: Sometimes Less Is More!

Does anyone else feel as if summer is vastly slipping away!? As much as I dislike this heat, my love for summer will never fade, but time is quickly tearing us apart.

With that being said, we’re now into August and time is moving, but so am I with my goals! I’m pretty proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish in July and excited for what’s to come in August. Before getting into my August goals, let’s see what I did manage to get done in July!

Reach 2400 podcast plays. The number of plays on my podcast is steadily growing and I’m not only proud of myself, but I’m grateful for those that continue to tune in every week! I can’t wait to see where I get to by the end of the year as the numbers continue to grow!

Figure out Woocommerce. This one caused a lot of frustration because there are a lot of different parts regarding setting up woocommerce. I still have some things to figure out, but I have the main stuff together and the store is open! This isn’t an official shop, but I am currently selling customized 15oz mugs temporarily in an attempt to get rid of extra mugs that I have. If you would like a customized mug, you can shop here for your mug!

Put clothes on Poshmark. This one took an unnecessarily long time for me to accomplish, but I’m proud of myself for finally putting more clothes up on my Poshmark! If you’re unaware of what Poshmark is, it’s a site where people put up their items for sale. Now, I’m hoping to receive some sales so that I can get these extra clothes out of here and into the hands of people who can enjoy them!

Continue with ASL. I’m very proud of myself for not giving up on learning ASL! The goal isn’t to know everything by the end of the year but to learn as much as I can and have what I learned thus far down packed. I think I’m on a good track so far!

I continue to learn that less is more and the success I’ve had in July with my goals has shown that. I first went down to only making six goals per month, but this month I only made four goals and managed to accomplish all four! I did take it easy when it comes to the goals I made, but I still got them done and that’s what matters!

Now let’s make some goals for August!

  • Get in a photoshoot
  • Write down brands I would like to work with
  • Wake up in the morning without going back to sleep
  • Go to bed by 11:30 at least 2-3x/week

Sometimes you have to break things down into even smaller pieces in order to become successful. I’m hoping that going down from six goals to four will allow me to put more time into what I’d like to accomplish and have more successful months!

What are your goals for August? Let me know in the comments!


    • I know right! Time always flies so fast. Summer feels like it just started but it’ll be ending in a month smh. Thank you so much and I hope July was good for you as well β™₯

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