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January Life Update 2019

We’ve officially gotten through January and I have no idea how to feel. I feel like it kind of just zoomed on by. Here’s to hoping the year just slows down a bit. Before we get to the goals…one update I want to address that happened in January is that I had a birthday! I’m officially 24 now. I have no clue how to feel…besides rushed for time. I just hope this year bring about great surprises.

Now on to the goal updates!

Here’s a recap of the goals I made for January


I think the only one I was able to really accomplish was working on updating my social media’s a little more. I was already updating them pretty decently, but some of my social medias, such as Facebook, could use a little work. I tried to work on money managing, but it’s a little difficult when every ounce you get from your checks, you have to save up for your birthday. Now the holidays and my birthday are over, I can really get into money managing and working on saving.

Now let’s get into the goals I have for February!

Goals For February

○continue to work on money managing

○ get into working out

○continue to try and read more

○ (hopefully) get back into reading devotions


  1. I agree January went so fast, and February seems to be going at the same rate! Can’t even keep up?! We have very similar goals for this month. Best of luck with everything, and welcome to Club 24! We’re getting old, girl. I’ll be 25 this year… gah. (:

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