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Is It Unladylike To Show Skin?

A few weeks ago I was wearing a crop top and my grandmother, being the most concerned woman she is, decided to express her concern for the amount of skin showing. Which one of the things she stated was about how ladies don’t show skin like that (something along those lines). Now I’m aware of the completely big age gap and I’ve lived with my grandparents practically all of my life so I’m used to it, but it brought up the need to want to discuss the subject. Is it unlady like to show skin? How much skin is too much? Why do people care so much when it’s not their body?

I feel like there’s too much pressure or stigma on women to be “a lady”. We have to dress a certain way, act a certain way, etc. Otherwise we’re labeled as a slut, gross, etc. It’s 2018. This shouldn’t be a thing, but if it hasn’t stopped yet it might never stop. That’s why we have things like Amber Rose’s Slut Walk. This stuff is necessary. A crop top, no matter how long or short, isn’t unlady like. Wearing shorts, no matter how long or short, isn’t unlady like. What does it mean to be a lady or dress like a lady anyways? Wear a Mary Poppins dress?

Now I know there can be some outfits out there that may be worn during the day that are probably a little more appropriate for a night event, I’ll give you that. There’s a time and place for some things, but if that’s what they want to wear then let them. It took me soo long just to get the confidence to wear a crop top with jeans. I’m plus sized, big, fat…whatever you choose…and I’m extremely insecure but I started wearing them this year and I’m so proud of myself. You never know, that same person could have been scared to show their body most of their life and they just got the courage not to hide anymore.

At the end of the day, I feel like what a woman wears or does shouldn’t define what makes them a lady or unlady like. Society needs to stop putting us in a box and just let us be. That goes for your friends, family, and whoever the hell else that does so.

What are your opinions on this topic? Comment and let me know!

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