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Is It True….Men ain’t Sh**?

Alright men, settle down. Some of you may be a little upset by the title(if I have any that read my posts) but, I promise this post isn’t something that’s just completely slandering every man in existence. It’s quite the opposite. I can’t guarantee though that some egos might not get a little hurt for those who may just qualify in the “ain’t sh**” category.

A little disclaimer as well, this is coming from my perspective…a woman who likes and has experience with men. If you’d like to make a post from your perspective, then go right ahead, but DON’T be rude from my own personal experiences.

The question remains…is it true that men aren’t sh**? Yes and no. Why do I say yes and no? because not all men fall into that category. Yes, there are some hurt women in the world that use the word “all”, but just as you don’t use that word in science, it also shouldn’t be used in this case either. Listen, I get it, I used to be someone who put all men in the same category too. As much bad luck as I’ve had with guys and as much as I don’t do relationships now, I’ve still learned and know that not all men fall into the same category. There are the ones that do though that you have to look out for, and men, you need to hold accountable for. What’s the difference between a nice man and a man that ain’t sh**?

Below are two lists I made with just a few examples so you can get a little idea.

men list

This is just a little example of the categories. I know some women reading this might be like “where are the actual men at??” But they’re out there. As imaginary as they may seem in this day and age, they’re out there.

So, is the question true? Are men really not sh**? Not ALL men, but you’re going to go through some bad seeds. Men, stay accountable for your own kind. Ladies, remember not to let the bad seeds change you and turn you into a rotten apple.


  1. I would like to comment on the men aint sh** post. On your list of actual men actual men? What are the other men who you say ain’t shit aliens? Its who you pick. You have to look inside yourself and ask yourself why did i pick these types of men who would lie to me, use me for sex, and money, be unfaithful, brings me down, drain my energy and my soul, Only you have control of your own self worth not a man. Once you realize who you are those other men who you say ain’t sh** wouldn’t even approach you. Because they would see the confidence in you and would come correct. So don’t blame men. Its not fair. We all are not perfect and if we really look in side of our souls and look at how we really feel about ourselves i dont think you would of made a statement like that.

    • I didn’t say they were aliens. I just simply made a post stating actions that men who act like real men do and actions that men who simply act like boys do to sum it up for the women who think that all men aren’t shit and make the point that not all men are the same. But I’m glad you read my post and was able to comment and express your opinion. Thanks for reading and commenting love.

  2. I definitely think we have some cultural challenges causing men to be raised as ain’t shit at an alarming rate.
    In that same breath though… so many ain’t shit women out here toooo! Faaaacts! 😂
    Great post 🖤

  3. I think yes most aint 💩
    Even my husband says so.

    My dad wasn’t in my families life and my mom had to care for 3 kids alone, no help from family at all. She had 2 brothers too who didn’t help.

    My brother’s are okay but idk one of them doesnt make good food for himself 😂

    I don’t know what it is…
    In my family for example, the girls are treated like mom’s so our parents(my mom) would say to make food for our brothers, even if they’re older.

    So, it can be a mom’s fault for conditioning the boys to be babies and expect women to bend over backward for them…

    there are men who do their own shit cause they’re an adult.

    So really you just gotta date someone for a long time and make sure they’re a grown up not a child if you plan on marrying them. Or else you’re gonna be a mom, not a wife, sadly.

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