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Independence Day And Black People…What It Really Means

Sit back ladies and gents and grab your tea or coffee because this one will be a good one. This will also be a very controversial post but I will provide the short version of my opinion. Also before I begin, remember these are just my thoughts and opinions. So if you completely disagree, you’re allowed to voice your opinion, but be respectful. Lets get started shall we?

The land of the free and home of the brave.

Is this really true? I’ll leave that opinion to myself, but from what I see this “independent” America isn’t so independent…for some. If you need clarification who these some are, I’m talking about my people of color. You don’t need to look too far to see the injustice of my people happening left and right.

Now are we free to do as we choose? yes. Yes we are but sometimes there’s a price. Death being the most extreme yet the one that seems to be happening the most often. America may be celebrating its independence, but I don’t think it’s something black people in America can truly shout about in its entirety. Are we still going to have our barbecues and pool parties. Hell yes we are. Who doesn’t like an opportunity to have a get together and look at fireworks?

In my eyes, America just can’t be seen as a completely free America as long as so much injustice is going on. Cases going on that should be open and shut, Cops getting off when they should be in prison for murder, and families crying over another innocent black person being killed.

Yea, we’re free alright. Free to move as far as the strings of the “Justice System” will allow us to.

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