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I’m No Longer Celebrating The 4th Of July

Land of the…free? Hmm.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, also known as “independence day”, and I’m sure it’s independence day for a majority of the masses, however, what about the minority? What about us black people?

June has came and gone, and if you’ve been educating and staying in the loop, then you have been educated tons on how to donate to black causes, about black businesses, and have just had your eyes open to the tons of innocent black people that are being killed every single day(if your eyes weren’t somehow open before). One thing that you have also been informed about, was Juneteenth. I have a post explaining what Juneteenth is, but I’ll give you a very simple breakdown. Simply put, Juneteenth is on June 19th, and it’s the day slaves found out they were free. Of course, I suggest you read up on it more to educate yourself on more of the history, but that was just the short version.

I used to be someone who was all about celebrating the 4th of July…and by used to, I literally mean just last year. When you learn information, it can really help change your perspective on things. I’m someone who LOVES cute things and aesthetics, so I can’t help if I still try to go on theme and make some red, white, and blue themed white chocolate strawberries. I also love looking at fireworks, so I can’t help if I run to try and see them out my window. I have to reset my mindset and that can take time, but as of this year, I will no longer be celebrating the 4th of July.


If the answer wasn’t obvious when I explained Juneteenth, then I will tell you. I will no longer celebrate the 4th of July because it’s not my independence day. I rather celebrate the day that my ancestors became free than celebrate a day that was supposed to symbolize freedom, yet they were still slaving their lives away. Juneteenth is the black person’s independence day, and I will gladly go all out each year as I did for the 4th.

Lastly, just a reminder that as I haven’t been rude to people who celebrate the 4th of July or said anything disrespectful in this post, please give me the same courtesy, whether you agree or not.

While you’re popping fireworks and grilling, please take the time to donate, sign petitions, and check out my itinerary. It has a bunch of black creators, businesses, and so much more that you can look into supporting and purchasing from.

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love this. I totally support you. Our country is so fractured. I’ve been saying I don’t want to celebrate much this year. We will have some fireworks in the yard for the kids and maybe swim, but aside from wearing some red, it’s going to be another day. The country needs a celebration, but that can’t happen until there is more progress.

    • Agreed. There’s not much to celebrate when so injustice is still going on and murders are still out free. Thank you for supporting me ♥

  2. Yess! Tomorrow is going to be just another day for me. I am going to chill and work on a new cosplay. I’m grateful for the three day weekend, and I have nothing to celebrate until our country gets it together.

  3. I loved reading this post and it is so strange that it coincides with a poem I recently penned down about people celebrating though their hearts are a world away.

    It is also curious what people will celebrate without realizing the meaning behind it!

    • wow, that is a coincidence! Honestly, if there is a chance for a party, alcohol, food, etc, then people will celebrate it. It’s that easy…smh. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  4. We are not celebrating it either and honestly, been struggling with what to post this week. We have so much divisiveness in my family over racism, politics, and my daughter being on the rainbow, it’s a shame. There are so many changes going on right now and all I can do is hope for a stronger and more enlightened country and people. And as you said, hopefully, one day there will be a reason to celebrate this country as a whole.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. All we can do is continue to stand together and work as hard as possible to make this crappy country better. But until then, we have to continue to sign petitions, donate, rally, etc.

  5. I heard about JUNETEENTH and lonnnnng time ago, but never really paid attention to it. Maybe because it is not a nationally recognized holiday. July 4th was more the celebration because of days off from work.

    But, I’m like you with not celebrating it anymore. I’ll keep that energy for JUNETEENTH to celebrate my people’s freedom✊🏾

    • Yes ma’am! I think we all need to work on keeping that energy for sure, because I just know some of the same people who were celebrating Juneteenth were throwing down on the 4th. smh. But thank you for reading and commenting ♥

  6. I totally respect your decision on this! I feel very similar about Thanksgiving. I like the idea of celebrating what we’re thankful and grateful for, but the history behind it is not good. I also have to admit that I did NOT know about Juneteenth until this year, I am ashamed to say, but now that I know that it exists, I agree that it should be celebrated instead of 4th of July. As an American, I feel very conflicted about my country, it’s history, and it’s current state right now. Why should we celebrate when there still isn’t liberty and justice for all?

    Emily |

    • There are so many people who didn’t know about it. It’s no surprise when it’s not taught in history books at all. Your last statement hits the nail right on the head. People are so “all lives matter”, but you can’t be if you’re celebrating a day where ALL lives didn’t matter because black people were still slaves. I’m getting away from celebrating Thanksgiving myself. I’ll always want the big meal because…food, but as far as looking at it as this big holiday, I don’t see it like that anymore. Thanks for commenting ♥

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