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Ideas For What You Can Put In Your Adult Easter Basket

If you’ve never heard of an adult Easter basket or think that it’s too childish, let me introduce you to the idea and why they’re not childish at all! Every Easter, children get to have all of the fun with Easter egg hunts, dyeing eggs, and receiving baskets. My question is, why does all of that have to stop once you’re an adult? It doesn’t!

Adult Easter baskets are a great adult twist to the cute little Easter baskets you might have been given as a child and are probably giving to your child(ren) if you have any. Instead of being filled with things like toys, they’re filled with some adult necessities and staples. If you want to make an adult Easter basket of your own for someone you know, or even yourself, then check out these ideas for what you can put inside your basket!


Where are all of my wine lovers at? If you’re making an adult Easter basket, wine or some kind of alcohol is a must! To me, that’s what really makes the adult Easter basket, well, adult! I know any adult will appreciate it, especially if they’ve just finished trying to get together an Easter basket for their kid(s). I know not everyone likes to drink wine, so if you’re making a basket for someone who doesn’t, then you can just get them some sparkling cider. I grew up on it and it’s honestly still really good to me!


I don’t believe that there’s an adult out there that doesn’t like to eat, especially some delicious snacks. You can get creative and add different kinds of their favorite snacks or your own favorite snacks if this basket is for yourself. You can put candy, chips, cookies, etc. You should have fun with it! I think adults take things a little too seriously, but that shouldn’t apply here with an Easter basket. Have fun and fill it with some delicious goodies!


Now, what adult do you know that couldn’t use some extra cash? Absolutely none! That’s why money makes the perfect addition to your adult Easter basket! You can even get creative and have a bunch of little Easter eggs that you have the money rolled up in. I’m sure the person’s jaw will drop when they see what’s inside.


I’ve learned that as an adult, stationery has just become exciting to me. I’m not sure what it is about it, but I love cute stationery. If you know someone who loves stationery or even just needs it because they use it often, then adding that to the basket is a good idea. You can even go an extra step and have everything color coordinated! As someone who’s huge on aesthetics, I would love to have stationery that matches!


selective focus photography of person wearing three bangles

If you’re able to, you can take it a step further and add some little jewelry pieces as well. This would be a really cute idea especially if it’s for a significant other. You can do earrings, a ring, watch, bracelets…the possibilities are endless! It’ll be even more special if the jewelry is significant to the person you’re gifting it to or even to yourself. If there’s something you’ve been waiting to get, then gift it to yourself and put it in your basket. You can even act surprised…the full works!


silver iphone x with airpods

If you want to take it a step further, you can even incorporate some tech pieces into the basket. We as a society are using technology every single day, all day. Tech items can easily start wearing out or just completely go out. If you know someone who needs something small like more earphones or even something bigger like a tablet, I’m sure they will be extremely shocked if they saw it in their basket. I know I’d be flabbergasted if I saw a tablet in my basket!


ceramic cups on marble table

I’m sure you’re probably thinking…decor!? What!? Yes, decor, but small items of course. Another thing that I have begun to love as an adult is cute decor pieces. Not everyone may care too much about decor, but the ones who do will love a piece to add to their home. You can do mugs, coasters, candles, etc. It’ll also help if you try to find out what the person likes or needs just so you know they’ll love it for sure. The last thing someone wants is to get something they’ll just put in the back of their closet to collect dust.

Teddy bear

brown bear plush toy on bed

Some of you may think this is childish, but I promise you, there are adults that do still like teddy bears. Personally, I love them! They’re just too cute to not like! To finalize your adult Easter basket, I think it would be a cute idea to add a fuzzy friend to the mix. This idea is great for someone who lives alone. Now, they’ll have someone to snuggle with at night!

I’m not sure about you, but just after writing this, I want to create an adult Easter basket for myself! Hopefully, this post gave you the same effect or helped you come up with other ideas for what you want to do for someone else’s basket. Remember to have fun and get creative.

Have a happy Easter!


  1. I still ask my mom to make me Easter baskets, they’re my fav! But this year has been really tough so it’s the first year I’m not going to get one in awhile. I remember making my own when I worked at Disney lol. I usually just want candy and something cute in mine lol. I was also going to gift my SIL one but I feel like Easter just zipped up!

    • Aw I’m sorry you’re not getting one this year. I miss when my mom used to get me Easter baskets. Sometimes she would buy them and sometimes she’d make them herself. I would be so excited for it lol. Easter definitely came up quick! Time is just going by so fast that I can’t even keep up anymore lol

  2. I really love the idea of making an adult Easter basket – I might try to make a few next year for my friends and family next year. It really isn’t fair that the kids get all the fun. All of these are great ideas for basket fillers. You definitely have to add some kind of plush or toy – it kind of feels essential for an Easter basket. Having something cute or silly mixed in with useful (but thoughtful) items can sometimes be the standout gift.

    • I know right! I’m literally a whole kid so I love all of that stuff lol. I would love a teddy bear in my basket and it’s definitely essential. Your friends and family will love them for sure! I might try to make some for my family and friends next year also.

  3. This is such a cute idea! I think my perfect Easter basket would be a candle, a book and a big bar of chocolate!

    Katie |

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