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I Quit My Job During A Pandemic: An Update

Two years ago, we could not have prepared for what was coming. It was something that shut down everything and had us all in a panic…a pandemic. Included in the things that were forced to shut down were jobs…including my job. Two years ago I was also working at a job that I hated and made me feel depressed from the moment I walked into the dim-lit building. Although surrounded by coworkers I could joke with to get by, those few moments weren’t enough to get me through the hours of anxiety, rude customers, and repetitive old “jokes”.

Two years ago my old job had to officially close temporarily…keyword being temporarily. Once those few months were over, I received the call and had to make a decision to either come back or decline the invitation. One of my goals was to quit my job and pursue content creation full time. With a plan and money saved up, I did just that as I declined the invitation back.

Here is my official two year update since that moment.

Two years in and I can say that I am glad I made the decision to not go back to that job. I even began missing my coworkers at the beginning (and I still do) but nothing was going to make me go back to clocking into working on holidays, standing for hours, and getting yelled at about popcorn.

This journey has had a lot of ups and downs (as entrepreneurship does) and so far, the good part of being a full time creator has been really nice! I’ve been able to have my own morning routine, I’ve been featured in online magazine articles, I don’t have to wear a uniform, there’s more time to work on my different projects including my new shop, and so much more. This freedom is something so beautiful that I enjoy having and I don’t know if I could ever look back.

However, full time content creating can be just as ugly as it is beautiful. I say this as I’m currently sitting in a state of being stuck. When I say stuck, I mean that my brain is just not at that content creator/entrepreneur mentality currently. Being in that mentality means being able to take photos, take creative videos, promote your work consistently, making an effort to work with brands (if that’s what you’d like to do), and whatever it is to ensure that what you love doing is also making you an income (or you’re on the right track towards it). I’m not in that mindset and I haven’t been for a while, but I’m also not in the mindset to “grind” and “hustle” my way into clocking into work (along with added depression) and clocking out of the freedom I’ve come to know.

This has led me to be in a slightly struggling position with one question left in my mind…What do I do now?

I would love for this update to state how I’m on the upward path of success, how I’ve started getting brand deals, and more…but that’s not reality currently. That doesn’t mean that it won’t become my reality. It just takes a little time!


  1. Yeah I realize a regular job isn’t for me. I still work from home as an online ESL teacher/reading tutor but it’s a contract job and I work when I want. I can’t wait until I get to the point where I can quit that and just focus on content creation. Wishing you well on your journey!

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