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I Quit: A Two Month Update

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow is Halloween and I hope that anyone who has plans will be safe but, of course, have fun.

So, if you haven’t seen the blog post titled I Quit, then I highly suggest you read that one first because, as the title suggests, this is a two month update regarding that post. If you aren’t caught up, basically I quit my job. I know, that seems crazy to do during a pandemic, but this was a way out of a place that caused me a lot of anxiety and depression. Again, I did a Q&A on the original blog post, so for more detail, then please give that post a read.

Two months isn’t a long time, which is also why this post won’t be too long, but I wanted to give an update in the beginning just to show you guys how I’m truly feeling and how things are going. As far as how I’m feeling, overall I’m still glad that I quit. Honestly, more than glad. It feels so good to have the ability to make my own schedule and just work on creating a routine. I’m still working on a good routine, but I also feel that it takes time. I will say that I’ve had moments of missing my coworkers. I’m not sure how many people can relate, but when you’re at a terrible job, if you have great coworkers then it can really pull you through. I had super funny coworkers that made me laugh and helped me forget exactly where I was sometimes. The problem is, you’re at work, so the fun can end in a snap and you’re back in reality.

Next, I’m going to move into how my journey of becoming a full-time blogger has been going. If you read my blog post, then you know I gave myself six months to pull this off and at least start making some form of income. Once late to mid November hits, I’ll hit my three-month mark out of the six. I’m not going to lie to you guys, it’s a little nerve-wracking. I say this because I feel like I haven’t gotten too far with things. I know there’s a lot I need to work on, and it’s really stressful. I see people say they’re going to put out something and within a week or less it’s out there. It takes me a bit longer. I know, I know…you can’t compare yourself, but as humans, you just can’t help it sometimes. My blog and podcast are doing well as far as people loving it, but if this is going to be a career then I need the money flowing in as well. If you aren’t aware, I started a consultation service where I help current and future bloggers with starting a blog. Before this became something I created, I asked if this was something that was wanted. I received a 100% yes in the poll. The only problem is, it took me about a month to put out. Another problem that I have is the marketing and promoting of it all. I’m so grateful for the couple of people I’ve been able to help, but for this to be successful I need an influx of people scheduling with me. To do that, I need to work on how I’m delivering and promoting myself. It takes a lot of work, I’m extremely tired, and I need a longer break than a week (impossible for me) but that’s creator and entrepreneur life.

Lastly, I want to discuss any feelings of regret and my final thoughts on this journey thus far. Overall, do I regret my decision? Absolutely not! Are there small moments of regret or what ifs? Absolutely. I think anytime someone makes a big decision such as this, there’s bound to be some moments where you wonder if you made the right choice. Those moments aren’t as much or as strong as they were in the very beginning, but they come sometimes. That’s when it has to be realized that a decision was ultimately made in support of my mental health. What also helps sometimes is when I end up driving by the theater because I’m headed that way. The lot is pretty empty very often and hours are also being cut. If I went back, I would end making even less right now than before the pandemic. This would mean little pay with a whole lot of depression…sounds like a dodged a BIG bullet.

I will end with this, I love blogging with all of my heart. I will never stop, no matter what. This journey means a lot more for me than just trying to become a full time blogger. This journey is to help me find myself and to work on my health mentally, physically, etc. I can’t say that God has becoming a full time blogger as a plan for me(even though I can’t see myself doing anything else), but I know one thing…I want to live my life fully, intentionally, with joy, and with peace.


  1. I have so much respect for you doing what you’ve done! It takes so much courage and it really sounds like you’ve done what’s best for you and your mental health. All the best with it! xx

    • Thank you so much love! I appreciate the support so much and I hope I’ve encouraged others to take the leap and make their mental health a priority ♥

  2. It’s normal to have those moments of ‘what ifs’ when looking at a big change. Approximately 4 years ago, I left not only a job but an entire career to head back to school at 30 and completely change my professional life. It was something that I had been wavering on for a while, but I finally had the push to do it. The result? I am SOO much happier now. Looking back, it was exactly the exciting (scary) step that I needed to take! I’m positive you’ll be saying the same thing each time you look back.

    • I commend you so much for doing that! I love it when things like this have a happy ending. I’m affirming that the same will be for me ♥

  3. Hello there Diandra,
    I had a terrible job in the past and it was relieved when I quit! I felt so free. And good luck with your new prospect on being a full time blogger. Follow your passions! And you are a talented blogger. I have been visiting your blog once in a while.

    That is also why I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Because you are an awesome blogger! Here is the link to the nomination:

    I am really looking forward to read your response.

    • Thank you so much for supporting me and I’m so honored that you tagged me! You are an awesome blogger as well ♥

  4. I gave myself about a year to make income blogging; I agree, it’s hard. I’ve even invested in Pinterest courses but I still feel super behind. I’m not seeing much growth as far as blog views for this particular blog and it’s getting so frustrating and discouraging. I agree that it’s hard not to compare but I’m so jealous of the people who just crank out blog posts and stay on top of it all!

    • I’m not seeing much growth myself either. I’m right with you on that, like I feel as if I need an assistant or something but I’m also not at a stage where I can afford one. It’s really hard, but we’ll both get there. We just have to keep putting in the effort and doing our best!

  5. I think it’s admirable to be able to quit your job and do what you love. Being your own boss will pay off. I have not been blogging in a while. I may need a consult to get me going as far as income because I kinda just gave up and just did it has a hobby. Best wishes to you, as you will thrive

    • It’s definitely not easy. If you decide to do a consult, I’ll be ready to help! Best wishes to you as well, and I know you’ll thrive also no matter what route you choose ♥

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