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I Have A Confession…I Have A Rose Gold Obsession

**This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made through the links are of no extra costs to you but will help me significantly.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has an obsession with rose gold. I really need to know that this is okay and I don’t need to see a specialist (maybe they’ll be in love with rose gold too?) I have reasons to blame for me being so obsessed with rose gold and that’s my love for cute, pink shiny things and Lilia. Lilia is a Youtuber, influencer, and business owner. Her aesthetic is so EVERYTHING! The design for my room was actually inspired by a room tour that I watched by her. I just HAD to get some of the similar items because they were so cute and I’m in love with them! I know it’s motivational Monday, but maybe this post will be motivational in a way that I can motivate some of you to buy really pretty rose gold items( seems pretty motivating to me).

For anyone that might have an obsession like me or anyone that is just looking for some cute rose gold items, I’m going to be showing some rose gold items that I personally have or items similar to what I have. Because I love you guys, I will do my best to go on a search to find links for everything. I didn’t get everything online and some things were given to me, so I’ll try my best to find where items are sold. With that being said, let the obsessions begin!

mDesign Rose Gold Toilet Paper Roller Holder

If you have an obsession like me, then you’re probably “ooo-ing” and “ahh-ing” with your cards ready to purchase. If not, then you may wonder why would I go that far as to purchase a rose gold toilet tissue holder. You can’t tell me that you haven’t put your focus on making quality furniture/household/decor item purchases. I saw this and just KNEW I had to have it.

Rose Gold Crystal Ballpoint Pens

After showing that might seem a little too far, here’s something that plenty of people have in their homes. These are the cutest pens and I felt they were a must for a girl boss such as myself! There’s something about a good pen that just makes you feel legit and these do it for me. They write really well also, so that makes them a plus and a reason to get more!

Acrylic Rose Gold Stapler

Since I’m at my desk typing this, let’s just get through all of the desk items as I’m looking at them. Next up is this super cute rose gold stapler(everything is obviously super cute). I bought mine from 5Below, but the link I have posted is for Amazon in case there’s not a 5Below in your area. Right now I don’t have any rose gold staples, but this would be the only time I wish I was back in school because I would be so fancy stapling my work!

Catalina Rose Gold Table Lamp

This is one of the items that I saw in Lilia’s room tour that was a MUST in my office! Rose gold and marble!? What more could you want? The perfect rose gold accessory to your desk and for your office.

Boss Lady Rose Gold Sign

This isn’t the actual sign that I have, but it’s kind of close. My sign says “#GIRLBOSS” with a marble background instead of plain white. The sign is another thing that I bought from 5Below, so I would try that first if you have one, otherwise, I’d check this one out from Amazon.

Rose Gold Clip Kit

This isn’t the one I have, but this has the same items in it that mine does. Again, It kind of makes me wish I was either back in school or at some office job just so I can stunt with these gorgeous clips.

Rose Gold Hanging Air Plant Holder

Are you really a rose gold obsessed plant mom if you don’t have a rose gold hanging planter? I think not! My air plant babies are living lavishly and hanging with style!

Rose Gold and White Geometric Wall Planter

Again, all my plant babies are living lavishly in rose gold planters! These were perfect to fill in this space I have between my windows in my office, and they look so cute and elegant with my air plants in them.

Rose Gold Felt Hangers

I never knew in my life that I would struggle to try to find hangers, yet here we are. So I do have these hangers, but I have them in white. Trying to find white felt rose gold hangers not only assures me that I’m not the only one with a rose gold obsession, but I am also not the only one who’s a lover of aesthetics. These make my closet look so aesthetically pleasing and so chic.

Rose Gold Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I just recently found out about blue light blocking glasses late last year. I wear actual glasses when I’m on the computer, but I ended up losing them at my job. Although these aren’t a replacement for prescription glasses, they still help protect your eyes, and of course, I had to find some rose gold ones (obviously!). Unfortunately, these specific ones are sold out, but I did link ones that are a different brand but of the same or similar shape.

Rose Gold Leather Bible

Yes, even my bible is rose gold. This might be the point where some of you might be concerned, but only the best for worship…right? Despite my obsession, this bible is definitely worth the price and is so detailed and has different bible studies, reading plans, and more!

Rose Gold Clock

Pretty standard. It’s silent, so it’s not disturbing while you do work. Let’s not forget, it’s super what? That’s right…cute!

Rose Gold Over The Door Hanger

When I was revamping my room, I needed something to hang over my door for my towels, purses, etc to go. Luckily, I found this gem! I feel so fancy with it and think it’s a must for my rose gold obsessed readers!

Rose Gold Wall Grid Panel

This may not look extravagant, but these are really cute and very useful. You can do anything with them! I’m using mines in my office and made a vision board with it. You can clip pictures, notes, whatever you want! There are even extra parts you’re able to buy to hang things up like plants on them.

Rose Gold Wall Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest rose gold mirror of them all? This one just might take it! It’s not super heavy and really adds something to the room. I believe the price went up since I purchased it (about two years ago), so you can try Target if you’re not liking what you see. If Target doesn’t have it, then you can try your old pal Google and see what comes up.

Hopefully, I didn’t motivate you to do too much damage to your cards, but it’s okay to give in to your obsessions every once in a while. Besides, technically these items are useful…some may say necessary (at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves).

I hope you guys enjoyed a little look into some of the rose gold items that I own. Which one is your must-have? You can confess…do you have an obsession too? Don’t worry, this is a judgement free zone!


  1. You aren’t crazy, I adore rose gold too (although maybe not as much as you – I wasn’t ready for the paper holder, such a princess move, love it!)
    I started off with a collection of rose gold jewelry holders and they instantly were a standout feature in my bedroom.
    Also, love your geometric wall planters – very elegant.

    • You made a point…would I really be a princess without my royal toilet tissue holder!? lol and yes rose gold jewelry holders are so cute. I actually took an old jewelry holder of mines and spray painted it rose gold. The planters really do add an elegance vibe especially with the plants in them. It all comes together. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  2. I have seen a big increase in the amount of rose gold that I see on Instagram, and I’m here for it! It’s such a fun and feminine touch in any room. You’ve got some great choices here. I feel like I HAVE TO have those wall planters. They would look amazing in my living room and would allow me to keep a couple more pets without having to worry about the cats destroying them like they often do with potted plants lol

    • It’s such a vibe! And Yaas you should! They for sure will keep your plant babies safe from the kitties lol

  3. You are definitely not the only one with a rose gold obsession. I love anything that’s rose gold too!

  4. Hahaha, you’re definitely not the only one. I lol’d at the toilet tissue holder, but.. you’re right! I’d love to pretty up my bathroom. I love the lamp and plant holders too.

    • Only the best for my toilet tissue lol! The lamp really does add something to your desk. It was a must I have it! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  5. Now this is one obsession I can stand behind!! My love for rose gold started when I got my beautiful rose gold iPhone (rip) but it’s managed to takeover my entire life in such a short time. As someone who only wore silver growing up, I love seeing my wardrobe flowing with golds and rose golds, I was definitely missing out before!!
    Loving this post girl, thanks for sharing things you love with me<3

    • I’ve always had a love for pink when I was younger, but my style was very…out there with hot pinks and animal prints lol. Rose gold represents the adult more elegant me now I guess lol. I love wearing silver, but my jewelry stand is definitely getting filled with a mix of gold and rose gold as well. Thank you so much for reading beautiful! ♥

  6. I have this obsession too! I love rose gold and have even just purchased a rose gold watch for my birthday 😉 Thank you for sharing your favourites, they are super cute and I can wait to redecorate my room with all of these lovely things!

    Em x

    • Rose gold watch? Hm I might need to get one myself lol. Thanks for reading and I’m glad I could help with your obsession lol ♥

    • I know! I swear when I get my own place, each room will have a bit of rose gold in it. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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