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I Graduated, Now What?

So you just graduated…what are you going to do with your life now?

That is the age-old question that everyone asks you the second you walk across the stage. I’m sure some people mean well, but I believe the majority of others are just nosy. For the ones that love to ask newly graduates what they’re doing now they graduated, this is a PSA for you….please stop.

Yes, there are people who know exactly what they’re doing after undergrad or grad school. Maybe they already got accepted into that next school, got the internship, got the job they wanted, etc. But, a big chunk of us also have no idea what we’re doing and that’s ok. It’s fine to not know the answer to the question “what are you going to do now?” Sometimes the only thing we’re going to do is….figure exactly what the hell we’re going to do. Not everyone has the answer and constantly asking isn’t going to make the answer suddenly pop up. It could also be a situation where it’s not something that’s necessarily traditional.

Take me for example. My grandparents have been bothering me about getting a job in my field (I received my bachelors in Psychology) and how I can work here and there, but that’s not what I want to do. They’ve asked me what am I going to do and the only answer I’ve given them right now is simple…work. I’m not wrong. Yes, I do want to become a full time blogger and my own boss, but they wouldn’t necessarily understand that and that’s ok. Not everyone is going to understand what you want to do, which is why you just keep it to yourself until suddenly, they see you doing good for yourself and they see your name out there.

Until then, if anyone asks what are you going to do now you’ve graduated, just tell them you’re working…because you are. You’re working towards your dream. Even that means literally working a few jobs because you know nothing else will satisfy you but the thing you’re working towards. Just keep working and you won’t have to answer vocally, your end result will speak for itself.


  1. Congrats on graduating! I just had a chat session over the week with a young lady in college about her brand and what to say to ppl like her parents who just don’t get it. I’m gonna have to right a post on my answer to her and include your blog post link as well!

  2. Congrats! Great post too; I wish I had heard this advice when I graduated a couple years ago. Honestly some people are never satisfied. If they’re not asking about what you’re doing after graduation, it’s “when are you gonna get promoted/ start dating someone/ get married” blah blah blah…whew chile!

    I support your aspirations to become a full-time blogger sis. Keep on keepin’ on!

  3. Just wanted to say that you’ve quickly become one of my favorite bloggers. Your posts are always so much fun for me to read. You’ll definitely become a full time blogger soon, you have great content!

  4. Congratulations! This is as beautiful message I can relate to. Things may not come easy or the way you thought it would but trust in the process!

  5. Congrats on graduating! 👏🏾 and yes this message is so important. I used to hate this question. There’s definitely nothing wrong with not knowing what you want to do & also important to recognize that people aren’t always going to understand your goals. Let the actions speak for itself & trust the journey. Great post 💞

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