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I Am Taking A Short Break

Yes, you read that right. I’m taking a little break, and by little, I truly mean little. I’m just taking a week “off”.

Although I won’t be posting on my blog, I will be working behind the scenes getting posts together and things for my socials as well. This is why the word “off” is in quotations. I’m taking a break…so I can work. Sometimes it’s needed and necessary, especially as creators. The amount of work that is put in can take a lot out of you.

Speaking of a lot being taken out you, this year is enough to take a lot out of anyone. So much has gone on, and if you’ve been on the news or social media, then you already know the end results of the trial for Breonna Taylor’s murderers. I have been in a slump this past week, and just hearing this has made it even worse. Sometimes you reach a point of feeling hopeless, one thing is certain.

You should never give up.

Please use your platform to inform and shed light on the injustices that are going on in this world. Also, this is your reminder to take breaks as needed. It’s Friday, which means the weekend is here. Use this time to rejuvenate yourselves if you can. I know some people work on the weekend, whether by choice or not, but at least give yourselves a few hours if nothing else.

While I’m not making new posts, take next week to look at my other posts regarding black lives matter and injustices if you’d like, as well as my other posts. Also, don’t forget that I have a podcast! I have a new episode coming out this Sunday (9/27) at 12pm EST. Lastly, don’t forget to take care of yourselves, turn off the TV for a little, and step away from social media.

If you’d like to help sign petitions, donate, or just educate yourself more on how you can help the Black Lives Matter movement, you can check more information out here.


  1. I can only imagine what you’ve been going through this week with such awful news and I’m just so sorry that the world continues to suck. I hope that your week away helps ease things for you and that you take some time to have some fun!

    • This world absolutely continues to suck, unfortunately. Thank you so much and I’m hoping to feel even more inspired after my break! ♥

  2. It’s always nice to take a break and some time off from social media. It can definitely be draining and wearing on you for sure.

    • Oh absolutely! It can take a toll on you. I think everyone needs a small break away, especially when things are hectic, and they’re pretty hectic right now!

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