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How To Throw An Amazing Virtual Halloween Party

Halloween is approaching, but unfortunately, this year is looking a bit different. Kids are unable to go trick or treating like they used to and big parties are a big no-no. Well actually, maybe you still can have a little Halloween fun. It’s time to go virtual!

Here’s how you can throw an amazing virtual Halloween Party!

Make it a costume party.

What’s a party without costumes? Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean costumes should be exempt. To go even further, you can make the party themed, like a 70’s party for example! Another idea is to throw a contest for the best costume. Everyone loves free stuff, so that’ll really help push people to go along and participate in the virtual festivities.

Become a virtual DJ.

You cannot have a party without music! Honestly, is it really even a party? To have an amazing party, you have to turn yourself from host to DJ and get the virtual crowd turning up! With the right playlist, your guests could even forget that there’s a pandemic going on. All they’re doing is enjoying a night of virtual fun. Bonus points if you can get an actual DJ!

Go all out with decorations.

Although it would be fun to have everyone decorate their space for the party, you as the host have to set the scene. If you can have some really cool Halloween decorations, then that’ll really amaze people and your party will start on the right foot! I know Halloween is right around the corner, so there might not be too many options left out there, but I’m sure you can still find some good selections from places like Party City. Also, if you have Amazon prime, then you can start looking now and receive your items within 2-3 days!

BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks)

Just because this party is virtual does not mean people still won’t get hungry. Clearly, you can’t feed people through a screen, but you can have everyone make their own snacks to bring to the party. Maybe you can make some fun out of it and see who brought the best food to the party!

Get creative with party games.

Last on the list is to throw in some fun and creative games! It can be a little bit harder to play games when the party is virtual, but it’s not impossible. You can always Google some ideas and even come up with ways to make a twist out of the average party game.

The combination of these things will make an Amazing virtual Halloween party that everyone will still continue to talk about when we’re all partying together in person again!

What do you think about having a virtual party? Would you do it?

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