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How To Spring Clean Blogger Style

When spring comes around, it’s normal to think about how to clean and refresh your spaces for the season. However, what about spring cleaning as a blogger? Deep cleaning as a blogger is just as important as deep cleaning your home.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our work that things begin to build up…including the dust in our workspace. I’ve shared a few ways to help you spring clean blogger style and refresh your space and blog for the season!

Deep clean your desk and work area.

As a blogger, you likely have a designated area where you like to do your work. Whether in an office, a corner with a desk, or even your bed, it’s important to clean where you work. This space is where you spend a lot of your time and it deserves a nice deep clean before getting into anything else. You can even switch things up by adding decor and other items for better optimization.

Wipe down your tech items.

Bloggers aren’t the only ones who are always on their computers, which makes this tip perfect for everyone to use. Being on your computer or using other tech items daily can cause them to get dirty if they’re not cleaned often. Take time to wipe down items such as your laptop and mouse. If you use headphones, be sure to wipe those down as well. Be mindful that the keys on your keyboard can get dirty and getting a good vacuum for your keyboard will help clean up dirt particles between them.

Fix any broken links on your website.

A link may be good when you first add it to your post, but later down the line, it could not work any longer. There are many different reasons that this happens. If it’s an item then it could not be available anymore, a website could no longer exist, or maybe you made a mistake when linking. A link can also become broken when another blogger comments on your post but that blogger changed or no longer has their URL. Sometimes the link just is mistakenly marked as broken despite it being a fine link. Regardless of the reason, broken links add up if you don’t stay on top of them and it’s time to give them a good spring cleaning! Clearing out those broken links also helps you grow your Domain Authority.

Go through your old drafts.

Admit it, you have a few old drafts that you abandoned and left to collect dust. It’s okay because you’re not the only one! However, it’s time to finally go through them and decide to either throw them away or finish them to publish. We all change our minds and maybe the post you thought you wanted to create at the beginning isn’t something you want to create now. You never know, you may just find something that revives your creativity if you’re having writer’s block!

Update your old blog posts.

Give your blog a refresh by updating old blog posts! The longer you blog, the more you grow and become better as a blogger. Your current posts may be better now, but that doesn’t mean leaving your old posts abandoned. Go back and clean up the (probably many) mistakes made on your old posts and turn them into something new! Your blog is your home that many people come to visit. Just like you would clean up your house for your guests, it’s important to clean up your blog for the many new guests who are coming to visit!

If you never thought about deep cleaning as a blogger or how you could help organize your blog a little bit more, I hope these tips helped! Now with a clean space, you’ll be ready to produce more content for your readers to enjoy!

Have you done your spring cleaning as a blogger?

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