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How To: Iced Coffee and Frappuccinos At Home

Coffee lovers unite!

I haven’t made a coffee post in a while, and I think it’s finally time to give my coffee loving readers what they want! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I’ve become the queen on coffee lately. With the quarantine still very much so being here, and me just wanting to save my wallet from the usual Starbucks trips, I decided that I wanted to get a little creative. I’ve been buying some products and practicing making iced coffees and frappuccinos. I still need a lot more practice, especially with trying different recipes and flavors, but for now, I figured I’d show you guys the easy way I make a homemade iced coffee and frappuccino!

Things You’ll Need
  • Ice
  • Coffee (any flavor of your choosing)
  • Coffee creamer (any flavor of your choosing)
  • Whipped cream
  • Torani vanilla syrup
  • Torani caramel sauce
  • Torani white chocolate sauce
  • cute drinkware

Not shown:

  • Blender
  • Coffee maker
The Process

To make these are very simple. I first started off with the frappuccino. I made the coffee using my Keurig, and then in my blender, I put in the coffee, ice, coffee creamer, and a splash of Torani syrup (pictured left). Then of course I blended it all together and put that aside in the freezer so it wouldn’t melt while I moved on to my iced coffee.

To make my iced coffee is simple. Anyone can make iced coffee at home, but I’ll tell you guys how I do it. Of course, I started with one of the main ingredients…ice! I put that in my mason jar cup, then I poured in a little coffee creamer and a splash of Torani vanilla syrup before I brewed my coffee.

Also to note: before I put my iced coffee or my frappuccino into the cups, for decoration, I put the Torani sauces all around the inside of the jars(pictured below). My inspiration is Starbucks when they do that with their drinks. It doesn’t work quite as well because the sauces drip down to the bottom of the jars, but it’s cute for the moment.

Once I finish brewing the iced coffee, I stir it all up and then I add more ice to the jar. I then took the frappuccino I made and poured it into the other jar. Below are both the iced coffee and frappuccino before I put the final touches on them!

The end result

Now it’s time for the final result! To add a little decoration and make it pretty for Instagram, just add some whipped cream on top and drizzle both the caramel and white chocolate sauces. You’re done!

If you decide to try this out yourself, I would love to see it! Use #coffeewithtbpd on Instagram, and let me see what you’ve created!


    • I had to add the whipped cream and drizzle for a little razzle dazzle lol! But oh no…I hope you get your blender working soon!

    • I honestly used to not be a fan of iced coffee, but I got accustomed to it during the summertime. It’s especially helpful with how hot it gets. And yes with the cute mason jar cups, it makes a perfect look for Instagram!

  1. Oh my goodness, this looks absolutely delicious. I will have to try this out. I have the Keurig K-Cafe maker at my house and make a lot of hot and iced lattes and cappuccinos. But I haven’t really made a frappuccino before. I will have to do it! Thanks for sharing!

    • A cappuccino sounds soo good! I haven’t had a cappuccino in a while. I have a Keurig too, but not the K-cafe. If you do then let me know how it goes! Thanks for reading and commenting β™₯

    • It’s a must to drink iced coffee and fraps during the summer! Granted, I can drink a frap anytime of the year lol. Thanks for reading and commenting β™₯

  2. Oh my gosh, I have to try this! I’ve been having iced coffee at home (just with creamer), but a frappuccino sounds divine! Thank you for sharing! I wouldn’t have thought to make my own frappuccino!

    • Its so good! I highly recommend giving a try! If you do, don’t forget to show me using the hashtag! β™₯

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