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How To Get Over An Ex

At some point or another, every one experiences a break up. Some are the ones doing the breaking up and others…well…they’re the ones being broken up with. Some of us can move on pretty simply, but others may be struggling a bit. I completely understand. I’ve been there, left, and came back again honey. So what do you do when you can’t get over the one you thought you’d be with forever?


Yes, that’s right, I said cry. Friends like to go straight away sometimes to the “F*** them..throw away their stuff and never turn back” phase. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but it’s not always that easy. If it’s that easy for you then that’s great, but others need to cry. And yes men, you can cry too (no one’s going to judge I promise). It takes time to get over someone, especially if you were in love. It’s ok to cry and drown yourself in ice cream or video games or whatever you do to cope (as long as you’re not harming yourself or others of course). You can even cry for a few days or more if need be. It’s perfectly normal and fine to express your sadness.

2. Make Some Realizations

Once you have gotten out all of your tears or even during your cry phase, it’s time you really take a moment to realize a few things. Realize that you are worthy of love and happiness. You deserve something lasting. Realize that you will get through this and that you may be down now, but you won’t be down forever. This depends on the person and the break up, but also realize it will take time. Even if you want to be over this person in the blink of an eye, it may take a length of time. If you did nothing wrong then you need to realize it’s not your fault and if you did then you need to make a self examination. These realizations may not come all at once, but they will come slowly, day by day.

3. Cleanse

It’s important to make a cleanse. Delete their number and pictures. Unfriend them from all social media, even block them if you feel you need to. Get rid of their stuff. You now need to make a cleanse from this person. This doesn’t just mean throwing things away but also a mental cleanse. Some break ups do a lot to you mentally and might require seeing a therapist if need be. It’s ok if that’s the case. There’s nothing wrong with needing to talk to someone. Whatever it means for you to cleanse, I think it’s important to take this step.

4. Closure

This step can be optional. Not everyone is able to get that closer. Some may feel they don’t need it. If you are able to get closure then I suggest you do it. Closure can be really good and can also end up being just the thing you need in order to move on.

These are just some steps that I personally feel are the most beneficial. I am not a professional. Some steps may not be needed. There may be some extra steps needed to be taken. And it’s important to remember that these steps can go in any order. You also may end up going through these more than once…it’s ok. Everyone processes a breakup differently. Take your time in getting back up on your feet. You got this!

What step do you think is important in getting over a breakup? Comment and let me know!


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