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How To Embrace Fall

If you’re a Spring/Summer lover like myself, then after looking at the title you might’ve thought “I don’t want to embrace fall!” This is exactly why you might need to take a look at this post. It’s starting to get colder here in the mornings and I am not here for it. Waking up feeling like you need a coat is not my ideal. Granted, I don’t mind fall when it’s a good mixture and I can wear a skirt as well as a light jacket and be perfectly ok. However, it seems like winter decided to tag along with fall and come a little bit early. With that being said, if you need a few tips to help you [attempt to] embrace fall, then just keep reading!

1. Get some fall fashion.

What better way to help you embrace the idea of colder weather than to change up your wardrobe? It might not seem so bad when you have a few staple boots and some cute jackets hanging in your closet. Have a little service for your summer clothes and push them to the back to make room for some equally cute fall clothing. You can even incorporate some of your summer clothes into your look if it’s too hard to let go. I know I personally love to add my leather jacket into any look to turn it into a fall ensemble!

2. Have fun with decorations.

It might be a little bit hard to embrace fall with those summer colors still in your house or the smell of summer filling your nose from the Bath and Body Works candle. Switch it up! Put some fall flair into your home to warm you up to the idea of fall. I know for me, I try to switch out a summer candle scent and use a more fall one like “Flannel” from Bath and Body Works.

super dog hot dog food stall in front of ferris wheel during nighttime

3. Do some fall activities.

Maybe fall won’t seem too bad if you find some fun things to do. Sure you can’t go to the beach anymore, but you can always go to a haunted house or farm. If you’re not a fan of those things like myself, then go to a fair! Fairs are a big thing during the fall. There’s always one going on somewhere. Even if you don’t like to get on rides, going for the food is just a good enough idea. Funnel cakes are the first things on my mind when I think about the fair…yum!


4. Think about the food.

Speaking of food, another way to help you embrace fall is to think of all the eating opportunities you get during this time. You get a bunch of candy for Halloween, there’s Thanksgiving, and even though it’s during the winter there’s also Christmas. I love to eat so as much as I’m not a fan of colder weather, it makes me excited about what’s to come.


5. Stay in your house.

This may not seem like you’re embracing fall, but staying inside under a blanket, drinking a hot drink, and watching tv are some of the best ways to embrace it. Maybe try not to stay cooped up all day every day, but just enjoying the new found chilly weather by not being in it sounds good to me!

What’s your favorite way to embrace the fall? Comment below!


  1. I love decorating for fall! It makes me feel so festive and happy! I love this season, but I definitely can get depressed with the increase of darker hours. Decorating for fall, embracing the season with events, and lighting candles all the time make autumn better for me!

  2. Decorations are always fun, fall clothing I love and watching movies with pj’s is a plus. I love the fall air it’s something I can’t explain that I love and of course family time with the holidays approaching

  3. Stay in your house – I love it! haha It’s one of my favorite things actually. I love getting under a cozy blanket with some tea and just watching some good old tv or reading a book! I also love, love, love apple picking! My boyfriend and I are finally going this weekend and I can’t wait. It’s my one go-to thing I always try to do. It’s fun, enjoyable and healthy!!! Well, until I eat all the cider donuts!

  4. For me, fall has always held the excitement of back to school. I love the great deals you can get on school supplies like packs of lined paper, markers, new pens and things like that.

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