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How To Discover Your Potential As A Blogger

I honestly feel like some big blogger who’s been doing this for years and has made this their career should be writing this post. However, being just a year in with less than 1,000 followers, I can definitely say that I’m still a small blogger and small bloggers need posts like these. Sometimes it’s good to read these kinds of posts from other small bloggers. Just a little background, like I said, I’ve been blogging for a year. Blogging is not yet my career, but that’s the journey I would like to and am going to take. In order to have a career as a blogger, then you’d have to know your potential right? I definitely think so. I won’t lie to you guys, sometimes I still wonder if I have the potential to be a full time blogger. Doesn’t everyone question their potential at some point though? I believe so. Just a disclaimer before I give these tips, these are my own personal opinion on how to discover your potential. These are how I realized my own potential.

You’re obsessed with it. If there’s a subject or topic you’re obsessed with, then that means you love it right? One way to find your potential as a blogger is to realize how often you talk about your blog or blogging. Think about how you feel when you do talk about it. Are you speaking of it with excitement? Or are you speaking as if you’re tired of it. For example “Ugh, I have to get these blog posts done” vs. “Time to sit down and really get some good content out! I’m so excited about this weeks topics!” Do you see the difference? I know for me, the only time I ever feel like the first statement is when I literally have no idea what to talk about. My brain is completely empty, but most of the time I’m excited for people to read my posts. I’m also always bringing up my blog at some point. I’ve even brought it up at work. Sounds like an obsession to me…but a healthy one.

You’re consistent. Everyone falls off at some point, so don’t think if you’re not putting out blog posts 24/7 that you don’t have the potential to become a blogger. That’s not the case whatsoever. However, if you make it a priority to pick dates to post and stick to those dates then that really shows your potential. Anyone can say they’re going to post a number of times a week, but the important part is putting it into play. It’s not saying you’re going to do it that shows your potential, but the actions following your words. For a year now, I’ve consistently (for the most part) have had a blog post up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It feels good to know that I’ve been able to deliver to all you guys out there on a consistent basis.

Numbers don’t lie. I’ll be the first to tell you, I don’t pay attention to my stats too much. I have a blog post stating why. However, of course I don’t just completely ignore them and never look at them at all. I just don’t look at them every week or make goals regarding how many followers I get(which is totally fine if you do). With that being said, numbers don’t lie and when you see your follower count go up, it’s a great feeling. Please note that your potential isn’t based on a set of numbers, but it shows that more and more people are really taking to your work. It’s easy to get frustrated if you only get one extra follower vs. thousands, but that one extra person noticed your potential along with the ones that are already following you. If that person or those people can see your potential then don’t think you should as well?

Word of mouth. Recently, I had someone tell me that I was becoming one of their favorite bloggers. I kid you not, I could’ve cried at that response. ME!? A small blogger from Georgia that has less than 500 followers. Little ole me is in a list of someone’s favorite bloggers! If I never realized my potential before, I realized it at that moment. Hearing how good you are and how you’re becoming their favorite shows you that this is meant for you. There’s always going to be haters, but if people are learning and enjoying the content you produce as much as you are, then that really speaks volumes. It doesn’t matter how big I get with this blogging thing, I will never not be grateful and blessed when I hear I’m someone’s favorite blogger.

You feel it in your heart. That sounds extremely cheesy, but it’s true. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what people say. It doesn’t matter how people feel about you being a blogger. All that matters is that inside, you know this is what you love to do. I know for me, sometimes I don’t like to mention wanting to be a blogger as my career because I know I won’t always get the best feedback, but it’s what I love. At the end of the day, I’m passionate about it…obsessed with it. It’s the only thing that ever gave me motivation or drive and no one can take that away from me. THAT is how I know I have the potential as a blogger and that is what’s going to take me far and also take you as far as you want to go.

Understand when I say this, EVERYONE has the potential to start blogging and be a blogger, but you have to find it. The real question isn’t if you have the potential, but if it’s just something you’re really ready to work at and pursue.


  1. You’re in my top ten, lady! I’ve nominated you to complete the Vogue Parody Challenge and look forward to reading your responses! Check out my last post for info. Keep on inspiring and writing…

  2. OMG, I loved this post! It was so validating to read because I truly to love blogging, despite not being the most popular or the best. But your words of encouragement were so wonderful to read and definitely inspiring. Thank you so much for writing this post. I need to read it <3

    PS. Also, your blog header is the cutest thing EVER! Like, seriously!!

    Emily |

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