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How To Choose The Best Domain For Your Website

It’s Friday and Thank God for that! As I have mentioned in my last post, a lot is going on. This week has been enough for me personally, let alone for the black community. If you want to read more on what’s going on, how to support black lives matter, and also just want to know ways that I personally keep myself from breaking down mentally, then check out that post.

As for today, I decided to take a little shift and give a few tips on how to choose the best domain for your website. Your domain is very important because it’s what represents you and your site. People, of course, see your domain before they see your site. Read below to see how I chose my name and how exactly to choose the best domain for your website.

How I chose my domain name

So, as you guys of course know, my domain name is TheBlackPrincessDiaries. Let’s break down each part.

Black: I’m black. Simple.

Princess: I’ve always said I’m a princess. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child, or maybe because I’m royalty *flips hair*. Also, I know some women refer to themselves as queens. I prefer to refer to myself as a princess, but whether you call yourself a queen or a princess, you’re royalty. And that’s on that!

Diaries: This is like my diary. I’m writing out my thoughts, but also giving tips, advice, updates, etc. My blog is my open diary and you all are very free to read it (I highly encourage it).

I also decided to choose that domain because I would think of The Princess Diaries, but with a twist. Instead of The Princess Diaries, I am The Black Princess Diaries!

How to choose the best domain for your website

How is your website being used?

First, you have to answer the question of how your website is being used. Are you making a blog? Are you making an Ecommerce site? What exactly is your site for? When you know what you want to do, then you can figure out a domain that best fits that. The name has to represent your website as your personality. If it doesn’t fit you, then it doesn’t fit at all.

Is it available?

Once you get an idea or a variation of ideas, make sure to do your research to find out if the domain is even available. You can use a domain checker to see if it’s available to use. A lot of times, the host site that you’re using for your website will let you know if it’s available or not. Along with making sure the domain is available, you want to make sure the name is available as well on different apps. Do some research and go through Instagram, Twitter, etc. I say this in case you want to create social media accounts for your website (which I highly recommend).

Is it unique?

This doubles back to what I said about getting a domain that fits you and the purpose of your website. The domain HAS to be unique. No offense to anyone who prefers something a little more…plain, but you do want to choose something that’s going to grab people’s attention. For example, let’s say your website is being used to sell a product. Think about if you wanted to find a product similar to what you’re selling, so you Google that product. Would you be more likely to click a website that’s named “” OR “”? I’d go with the name that’s…well…more poppin! In the end, be you when choosing it, but be unique and add a little razzle dazzle of your own to your domain name.

If you like tips like this, and need help starting your own blog, then on Monday, you will be able to sign up for my consultation service! I will have a blog post up on Monday all about it, so to make sure you don’t miss it, be sure to subscribe!

I’m curious, what’s the story of your domain name if you have one? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Thank you for the tips on how to choose a domain name. Like all of your posts this was very informative! I also didn’t know you were an only child. You are so lucky! I always wished I was too. Shhh don’t tell my siblings! 😁

    • I’m so glad to hear that found it informative and helpful! It is great being an only child, but it can be lonely sometimes. I did use to always wish I had at least one sister. But don’t worry, your secret is safe with me lol

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