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How To Avoid Distractions While Blogging

Sometimes the hardest part about blogging and making a blog post is getting straight through it without any type of distractions. I know I can get distracted pretty easily. Even if I try to block myself of other distractions, I can tend to get distracted within my own thoughts. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this as well, so I decided to give a few tips that tend to help me avoid getting too distracted while I’m in my blogging mode.

Find your place of peace. This one is really important to me. I mostly blog at home, but the inside of my house can be pretty noisy. Between the phones ringing, my grandparents yelling because they can’t hear each other, and the doorbell ringing…getting my own area to get work done is a must. This is why I made my own office. It’s still in the works of getting decorated, but it’s my own space where I can have peace and focus. Your place of peace can be an office, outside, even a coffee shop. Just somewhere you enjoy and can really focus.

Mute all electronics. Another thing I like to do is mute my electronics. I put my phone on silent and turn my tv off. This way I’m not distracted by anything on tv or focused on answering texts.

Get a website blocker. I’ve only done this before when I was in college, but getting a website blocker could help you to block websites for a certain amount of time. This way while you’re on your laptop, tablet, desktop, etc. you won’t be able to venture onto other websites. I know sometimes that can be an issue of mines.

Find a playlist to write to. Sometimes music can actually be a distraction, but it helps me stay focused. The trick is to listen to instrumentals. There are no words to distract you or cause you to sing along (if you’re someone who really gets into the music). There are plenty of playlists on Spotify for focusing and studying.

These are just a few tips that I personally like to use when blogging and I hope they helped you guys out! What’s your favorite way to avoid getting distracted while blogging?


  1. Great tips! I love the idea of muting all electronics. When I set time to work on the blog, I usually leave my phone outside of the room so I don’t get the urge to go through it.

    Going to look for a playlist to listen to while blogging. Going to checkout your Summer Music Playlist 🙂

    Thanks for these lovely tips!

    Sandy | Beauty, Bliss and Chaos

  2. Love this list! Your tips are simple but so helpful. I always forget about some of these things and just try to blaze through the distractions, but I can never concentrate. Especially music. I’ve noticed I can only write when I’m listening to something without words, unless I feel like accidentally typing down the lyrics, haha. Thank you for the tips! I’ll be sure to use them!

    Emily |

  3. Quite an issue, this distraction of a thing. Glad to know I’m not a bad egg in the basket of bloggers. Thanks for the tips… gonna get some instrumentals (I really get into the music)

  4. This will definitely be helpful to me. Not only is my motivation not here but when I actually sit down to write a blog post I have so many distractions that side track me and take me off course. This will definitely help me.

  5. Great post – I absolutely need to have my own space in order to think and write – I can’t do this is someone else is nearby – sometime a long weekend away – solo can be just the tonic, and great for recharging mentally 🤗 #selfcare

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